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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Large slices of Taiwanese mangoes covering a pile of shaved ice.  Add the thick juice of the fruit from a small cup and you have a healthy dessert that is proudly Taiwan made.  It looks so delicious.  But can your stomach handle the large serving?  Prepare to get bloated when you enter GoManMango. A hidden dessert house in Shilin District has a surprising supply of fresh mangoes for your favorite shaved ice.

First-time customers are greeted by boxes of the fruit stacked on top of another at the storefront.  The peak season of Taiwan's apple mangoes is just right to bring the flavor to our mouths, during the hot and humid days on the island.  An illusion of abundance that awes visitors once they get inside.  There are fresh fruits displayed on the store and the red color of their peel is really like of an apple.  The apple mangoes of Taiwan are cultivated in Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung.  Places that are located below the Tropic of Cancer and are said to have a tropical weather.

Supreme Mango Snow Ice. It's a big hit during the summer season.  Topped with an ice cream and a layer of pudding underneath,  one can easily say that it is a copycat of the best-sellers of more well-known dessert house in Taipei like Ice Monster and Smoothie House.  I've been to these stores in Taiwan Day 217 and Taiwan Day 1072 respectively.  Their desserts are mostly made of ice like tiny snowflakes that have fallen from the sky but tastes like real mango.   GoManMango's version is different because the highlight of the food is not the shaved ice but its freshly cut  Taiwanese apple mangoes.  At a price of NTD 180 per bowl,  you can enjoy the meal plus a tiny cup of its natural juice.

Never underestimate Taiwan's shaved ice desserts.  My stomach really became bloated after eating all of the dessert and I even didn't feel the need to eat dinner.  However,  there was nothing special with the shaved ice of the Supreme Mango Snow Ice.  I think the taste could have been better if condensed milk was added or there should have been more if it was mixed already.  The big slices of mangoes saved the day with the sweet taste of its flesh.  Taiwan's apple mangoes are really different from the ones that  I can buy in Taipei's morning markets.  Although the fruits are smaller they taste better!  

100% of natural goodness.  Aside from the Supreme Mango Snow Ice, I also ordered the Mango Smoothie.  A tall glass of the Taiwan apple mango juice.  Shaped like a rose flower, the thin slices of the fruit can be seen floating on the ocean of the fruit juice.  The sweetness is just right and perfect for those who want to remove the aftertaste of street foods that you have eaten in the nearby Shilin Night Market.   

The staff of GoManMango couldn't believe that I was able to eat all of the Supreme Mango Snow Ice and the Mango Smoothie.   The cashier was also in shock after knowing that I was the only one who feasted on the orders.   Haha!  Guess what?  I left the store very full coz I have experienced a mango overload.

address: No. 9, Fushou Street, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111
[Google Map]
Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:30 am to 9:00 pm
*During peak hours, customers will have to write their names on the waiting list.
*Expect the mango desserts to be available only during the summer season.

How to get here:  MRT Shilin Station (Red Line) -> Exit 1 -> Walk 230 meters

My orders:
[1] Supreme Mango Snow Ice: NTD 180
(4 out of 5 luomujie stars)

[2] Mango Smoothie: NTD 120
(5 out of 5 luomujie stars)

Rapsa is a slang for the Filipino word "sarap" which means delicious. Delicious -> sarap -> "rapsa" (inverted syllable order). The Rapsa Edition of the "My Beloved Taipei" Travel Series will take readers to the tastiest and yummiest foods in Taipei. Get to know the best desserts and local delicacies that Taiwan's capital has to offer, through this subprogram of the luomujie blog.

Taipei kong mahal 180704 (Rapsa Edition): Mango Overload

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Desserts from a golden chicken.  Jin gi moo!  It’s the restaurant that lays a bunch of “golden eggs”.  Hidden in one of the alleys of Dongmen, locals patiently wait for their turn to try its best-sellers.  An emerging dessert hotspot that is slowly getting recognition.  Jingimoo's intriguing dessert will surely change the way you look at Taipei's must-try foods.


When I came to the store, patrons have been sitting on the benches and waiting there to have their names called.  I was too excited to eat that I entered the store immediately and pointed at their English menu.  Little that I know, that I have to write my name on the waiting list and then join the queue.  The restaurant space of Jingimoo is not that big so customers really have wait especially if you are going with a group composed of three or more people.

A sprinkle of love on a bowl of ice.  The sweet aroma of roses can be smelled as soon as the dessert is served on your table.  Accompanied by a tiny cup of condensed milk, freshly sliced bits of the red flowers can be seen floating.   The dessert sparkled under the ray of sunshine that entered the store.  I poured the condensed milk on the mountain of ice topped with glutinous rice balls and some jellies.   Adding flavor to my food had never been so much fun.  The fresh bits of roses had joined the larger pieces of petals that have been preserved as a jam.

underneath the ice was a layer of red beans

When all of the ice had melted

a rose petal

Magical roses!  Yes, they are edible.  Its sweet taste is as romantic as the love of a man to the woman of his dreams.   The dark shade of red on the shaved ice were the pickled petals that were soused with strawberry syrup.   A perfect combination that gives a powerful flavor to the dessert.   I can't believe that Jingimoo's organic rose dessert was as delicious as the mango shaved ice desserts of Taiwan.

In the kitchen, I got a chance to see how the shaved ice has been added with a sweet cream.

After the blueberry and raspberry dessert has been served on your table, the waitress will lit a fire. Watch how the sugar caramelizes!

The brown color on top is the sugar that has burned!

The store has another best-seller and I also wanted to give it a try.   After eating the rose dessert, I went back to the kitchen and ordered the burning blueberry and raspberry dessert.  A couple was sitting beside me and they also ordered the caramel topped shaved ice dessert.  When it was placed on their table,  I watched as the fire burned the frappe on top within a few seconds.  As it burns, the sugar on the mixtures caramelizes quickly creating the brown color on top.   It quickly hardens and when eaten reminds everyone how sweet the common table sugar is.

An explosion of flavors.  The sweet and sour taste of berries complemented each other when all of the ice melted.  I didn't enjoy the dessert at first when there was still ice. But when it all turned into liquid, it revealed its secret taste.  Add the white glutinous balls and you have an authentic Taiwanese iced dessert perfect during the hot summer months.  

The Organic Rose Dessert and the Fire Blueberry & Raspberry were just some of the foods, that one can try in this “secret” dessert shop in Dongmen.  Its unique flavors plus the Japanese feel of the restaurant makes it worth to visit.  So remember the Golden Chicken Mother when you visit in Taipei.  Don't forget to add it to your bucket list.  金雞母. Jin gi moo.

Jingimoo (金雞母)
address: No. 36號, Lane 143, Section 1, Hangzhou South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
[Google Map]
*The staff have poor English speaking skills but they have an English menu.

How to get here:  MRT Dongmen Station (Orange Line/Red Line) -> Exit 2 -> walk 230 meters

My orders:
[1] Organic rose dessert: NTD 120
(5 out of 5 luomujie stars)

[2] Fire Blueberry and Raspberry: NTD 200
(4 out of 5 luomujie stars)
Rapsa is a slang for the Filipino word "sarap" which means delicious. Delicious -> sarap -> "rapsa" (inverted syllable order). The Rapsa Edition of the "My Beloved Taipei" Travel Series will take readers to the tastiest and yummiest foods in Taipei. Get to know the best desserts and local delicacies that Taiwan's capital has to offer, through this subprogram of the luomujie blog.

Taipei kong mahal 180627 (Rapsa Edition): Jin gi moo

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