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Taoyuan Flower Festival (桃園花節) [Travel in Taiwan 161113: Zhongli District (Blooming Autumn)]


Blooming Autumn is a travelogue series dedicated to the colorful flower festivals happening in Taiwan during the fall season. There is a high demand in my blog about the best places for appreciating flowers on the island and I had visited some of them to be featured on my travel website. In November, the Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival in Taichung should not be missed. This year Taoyuan held its own flower festival showcasing its five different districts: Zhongli, Daxi, Dayuan, Luzhu and Pingzhen. Taipei was also not left behind with its Chrysanthemum Flower Show in Shilin. Just so many flower festivals during the month of November! No wonder it was a blooming autumn.
Let's start with Zhongli District (中壢區). This year's Taoyuan Flower Festival (桃園花節) opened with the field of flowers near the Taoayuan International Baseball Stadium. Actually, this flower festival was a surprise to me. I haven't heard of such event last year and the Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival was the only big flower festival that I knew outside Taipei. It could be an attempt of the Taoyuan government to ride with the popularity of flower festival in Xinshe. 

Zhongli Station

Zhongli wasn't new to me. Having been to different places in Taoyuan, Zhongli is a familiar stop for many of tourist spots that the Taoyuan province has to offer. Its train station is just one stop away from the Taoyuan Station. The district also has its bus station making it convenient to live here. How to go here? Just board any train going to Zhongli Station and you will be there in hour if you're coming from Taipei.

The website of the Taoyuan Flower Festival was written in Chinese so I asked the Visitor Information Center in Zhongli Station on where is the location of the bus that would take the visitors to the flower festival. I was given a map and it was on the right side of the rear exit of the train station. A logo of the flower festival which was posted on the bus stop marker helped me identify the right place to wait.

Taoyuan Airport MRT

It was a 30 minute ride from Zhongli Station to Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium and as the bus approaches the arena, I already saw the hundreds of visitors who were already enjoying the variety of flowers in the field. It was not as big like the one in Xinshe but its location made it interesting. The Taoyuan MRT was testing its trains and visitors at the bus stop enjoyed watching the trains as it passes by on its elevated track. Even Taiwan's bullet train can be seen but it was like a speeding bullet. It was too fast at its maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour that taking photos of it became difficult. 

cosmos flowers

red Zinia
white Zinia

pink Zinia

orange Zinia

marigold flowers
"Happy Dragon"
A worker waters the plants near the viewing platform

Scarecrows and other Hakka-themed decorations blended with the surroundings. There were also cute sheep that kids loved to look at. The colorful cosmos that I saw in Xinshe were also there in Zhongli as well as the Zinnia flowers. Sunflowers and marigold provided shades of yellow in the festival grounds. The “Happy Dragon” was the longest artwork with a length of 10 meters and visitors must stand on a platform to better enjoy looking at it. 



a pair of rabbits


rat and dragon


But the one that impressed me a lot was the lettering of the Chinese characters for Zhongli. It was “written” against a background of garden plants and it was tempting to get near to it. Aside from the flowers, farm life was also brought closer to the visitors with a cow and a flock of goats inside a covered fence. Artworks made up of plant fibers also caught my attention. There were a pair of rabbits, a rat and even a giant snake.

After seeing all of the attractions in Zhongli, I decided to go back to Zhongli Station where a different shuttle bus took me to another venue of the Taoyuan Flower Festival. A rural town in Daxi District will be next topic of this Blooming Autumn series.

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