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Monday, December 18, 2017

Travel in Taiwan 171217: The Unexpected Guest


The biggest surprises in life really happen when you least expect it. While walking in the middle of a thick fog near Cingjing Farm in Nantou, I came across a beautiful house. It looked so mysterious that I easily get drawn to enter its premises. It's called the Europe Villa. A white building that is slowly being hidden by the clouds. No one seems to be inside so I took some pictures until someone came out from the door to say hello.

It was the manager of the guesthouse and her name was Ms. Evelyn. She asked me where I came from and I said that I'm from the Philippines. A hat on my head, a camera hanging on my neck and tripod on my hand. It was very easy to tell that I'm a tourist who went to Taiwan for a vacation. But when I told her that I'm a student from Tsing Hua Da Xue, I immediately got her full trust and she invited me to get inside the house.

She immediately called her servant and to my surprise, she was a Filipino. The two women gave me a warm welcome and I told them about the different places in Taiwan that I have been to. Places like Hehuanshan, Green Island, Orchid Island and Kinmen. And of course, the conversation wouldn't be complete without showing them the luomujie blog through my smartphone.

“Four years in Taiwan and still cannot speak Chinese!”, Ms. Evelyn exclaimed. Haha! Even with my poor Chinese speaking skill, she was still fascinated on how come I can explore Taiwan by just talking to the locals in English.

She then gave me a short tour and a trivia that the house was designed by its owner. When she became busy entertaining the other guests, her servant told me that I was the only person to be given this privilege, to enter the house and have a look at what's inside. Oh wow! I was really lucky.

Before I left, I made it sure that I have a picture with the fireplace and the teddy bears. The entire house has a European feel and Filipinos will definitely enjoy their stay here. The manager speaks good English so all of your questions and needs will be answered immediately.

I waved goodbye to them as the two women slowly closes the door of the house. While waiting for the bus going back to Puli in Nantou, an idea popped into my mind. Why not go back to Cingjing Farm and pretend that I'm a lost tourist. Are the guesthouse managers kind enough like Ms. Evelyn to let me inside? Let's see how will they treat the unexpected guest.

Europe Villa (歐風小鎮)
Address: 546, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township, 壽亭巷35

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