How to go to Kenting (墾丁) - Kenting Shuttle Bus [Travel in Taiwan 170529-31: Let's go to Kenting! Part 1 "I wanna go to the beach"] | Travel in Asia

How to go to Kenting (墾丁) - Kenting Shuttle Bus [Travel in Taiwan 170529-31: Let's go to Kenting! Part 1 "I wanna go to the beach"]


ABSTRACT: Spring is over and the temperature is rising across the island. Are you ready to flaunt that beach-ready body? If your answer is yes then there is one place in Taiwan where you should be. Kenting! Located at the Hengchun Peninsula, it is closer to the Batanes Group of Islands in the Philippines than to Taipei. On this place, the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel merge to become one great body of water. You can see all of them at the same time at the southernmost point of Taiwan in Eulanbi. The weather is tropical in Kenting and it feels so nice to dip your body to three of its best beaches: Nanwan, Xiaowan and Baisha. Get wet and wild with the various water sports activities that you can try there. If you get tired of swimming then appreciate the beauty of marine life at Asia's fourth best aquarium. The Kenting Express Bus will take you there from the beach. Beautiful memories awaits you as the tour bus takes you along the coastlines of the peninsula. Do not forget to wear your slippers and bring a bottle of sunblock. So what are you waiting for? Time flies fast! Enjoy the summer in Taiwan before it's gone. Let's go to Kenting!

So are you now excited to see Kenting?  There are things that you need to know before going to the south of Taiwan.   If you are already in Taipei then it is not a problem.  You can just board any train of the High Speed Rail (HSR) going to Zuoying Station.   Go to Exit 2 and transfer to the Kenting Express Bus aka Taiwan Tour Bus and you will be at Xiaowan beach after two hours. 

HSR Zuoying Station

You can buy the roundtrip tickets for Bus 9189 going to Kenting at Exit 2 of the HSR Zuoying Station.  There is a counter there with the name “Kenting Express”. It is cheaper to buy roundtrip tickets (NTD 600) but using your EasyCard to pay a one-way fare will give you more flexibility when you are returning home in the afternoon from the beach.   One swipe of the EasyCard is worth NTD 344.  If a taxi driver offers a ride for a price of NTD 400 then take it.  You will arrive faster than if you board the Taiwan Tour Bus. 

But for those coming from the airports of the country, these are the things that you need to do: 

a. From Taipei Songshan Airport:  Board the Taipei MRT Brown Line and alight at Nangang Exhibition Center Station.  Continue the journey to Nangang Station to board the bullet train going to HSR Zuoying Station.

b. From Taoyuan International Airport:  Board Bus 705 to reach the Taoyuan HSR Station.  Ride any bullet train going to HSR Zuoying Station.

c. From Taichung International Airport:  Board Bus 156 to reach the Taichung HSR Station and ride any bullet train going to HSR Zuoying  Station.

d. From Kaohsiung International Airport: Board Bus 0918 to reach Kenting
Departure times from the airport (everyday): 1010/1110/1250/1350/1610/1710/1850/1950
Departure times from Kenting (everyday): 0810/0950/1050/1310/1410/1550/1650/1910

My Kenting Shutle Bus 2-Day Pass

If you are also planning to see the other tourist attractions in Hengchun Peninsula then you can buy a 1-Day or 2-Day Pass for the Kenting Shuttle Bus ( at the  Kenting Express counter..  There are four lines for this tourist bus with the Blue Line and Orange Line serving the most well-known tourist sites like the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium and the South Beach Recreational Area (Nanwan).  I bought my ticket online through Klook for a price of NTD 150 for my 2-Day Pass.  A 1-Day Pass is price at NTD 100.  Print the voucher from the e-mail Klook or present it using your smartphone to get your pass.  

The ladies at the Kenting Express counter will take note of your voucher number before giving you the ticket.  Do not lose your 1-Day Pass or 2-Day Pass because you will have to present this to the bus driver upon entering the vehicle.  Klook has a link from its website about the timetables of the different lines of the Kenting Express Bus.  Save screenshots of it and use it as a guide during your travel adventure. With your 1-Day Pass or 2-Day Pass on your hand and your EasyCard loaded with NTD 1,000 then you are good to go.  

A piece of paper indicating 9:15 am was handed to me at the Kenting Express Counter after saying that I would pay the fare using my EasyCard.

Bus 9189 is the Taiwan Tour Bus which goest to Kenting (Xiaowan)

timetable of Bus 9189

Bus 9189

For my experience in going to the south of Taiwan, I boarded the HSR at Nangang Station in Taipei.  The bullet train left at 6:40 am and it arrived in Kaohsiung at 8:50 am.   I got my 2-Day Pass at the Kenting Express counter after presenting my printed voucher that was e-mailed by Klook.   At 9:15 am, I was already inside the Taiwan Tour Bus going to Xiaowan.  The travel time was supposed to be 2 hours but for some unknown reason it took 3 hours to reach Kenting.  I slept along the way until the driver broke the silence, “Xiaowan! Xiaowan!”  As soon as I get off the bus, my adventure in Kenting had begun.

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