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Travel in Taiwan 171029: Blooming Autumn - Yangmei District


The 2017 Taoyuan Flower Festival started the fun in Yangmei District.  Just like last year, there were many blossoms and I enjoyed it a lot.

Flowers that I had seen:  cosmos, sunflowers, white zinia, yellow zinia

The Weather
Temperature: 22°C
Apparent temperature: 18°C
Wind (Scale): 5

Event duration:  Oct. 28 to Nov. 5 only

To get here, I boarded a local train to Fugang Station and then I transferred to a shuttle bus which only runs on weekends only.

Arrival at the venue.  Visitors are welcomed like entering a marathon rice. 

A viewing platform was set up to let people see the entire flower grounds.

I joined the queue and waiting was only a few minutes.  

The view from the top.  You can see the division of the yellow and white flowers.

There were also art installations that attracts the young and old.

Parents and kids enjoying a field of cosmos flowers.

Aside from the cool breeze on that day, the sound of the Taiwan High Speed Rail running on its tracks broke the sound of petals brushing against each other.

A big yellow art installation was very eye-catching.  Visitors tried to get near to it to take selfies.

At a far distance, they look like horns. But after getting near to them,  they were some sort of unopened ferns.

My shadow with the cosmos flowers

Luo-Mu Jie and the sunflowers
And I have to compete with these guys just to have good photos! Haha!

The sunflowers here were a bit tiny. 

Rattan-like art installations at the flower festival.   The one on the left is a dome with a horned bette on top.

Looking at the ceiling of the dome while inside it.

yellow vs orange

Zinia flowers

A sea of yellow zinia flowers with some orange ones

I placed my camera on top of my tripod and I only have ten seconds to make a pose before my camera captures every memorable scene.

See you at the next venue of the 2017 Taoyuan Flower Festival. Yeah! 

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