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Leofoo Village Theme Park (六福村主題遊樂園) [Taiwan Day 735: A Whole New World - Sept. 5, 2015]


Taiwan Day 731 was over and it marked the start of my Year 3 in Taiwan. My life in this foreign country didn't revolve around the four corners of the laboratory, the pages of books nor the lecture slides of my professors. I have my weekly travel adventures that kept me excited whenever I woke up every day. I can say that the 'magic of Taiwan' is still in my heart even though two years have passed.

To kick-off my #2YearsinTaiwan celebration, I chose Leofoo Village as my destination. They are celebrating 36 colorful years of giving fun and excitement to its visitors whether they are Taiwanese or not. It is described as the 'Disneyland of Taiwan' and is said to be the nation's largest amusement park.

How to go to Leofoo Village? If you have just arrived in Taiwan from the international airport, head to the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Hsinchu Station and from there have a 20-minute taxi ride to Leofoo Village. If you are coming from Taipei, just take the E-go bus from Songshan Airport, MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station or MRT Jingan Station. The bus will take you directly to Leofoo Village. My journey took 2 hours from the Songshan Airport but it was okay. I slept along the way dreaming of what will I experience in Taiwan's version of Disneyland.

The amusement park was offering a summer promo. For only NTD 799, one can enjoy all the rides starting from 9am to 7pm. Who would not accept the cheap ticket price? Regular adult tickets to Leofoo Village cost NTD 1,299. The NTD 799 ticket also includes the entrance to its seasonal Leofoo Water Park which is adjacent to the main amusement park.  Discounted tickets worth NTD 599 are also available in the klook website: https://affiliate.klook.com/jump/activity/3328-leofoo-village-theme-park-taipei?adid=9858&af_wid=324
The land of Aladdin in the “Arabian Kingdom”, the splash of the waters in the “South Pacific”, the cowboy feel of the Wild West and the safari world in the “African Safari” composed the Leofoo Village. What a wonderful place!

Ring of Fire

I was captivated by the bulging towers of the Arabian castle in Sultan's adventure while I became crazy while riding the Ring of Fire. Do you want to challenge yourself? Enter the Judgment of Annubis and experience getting out in a room full of lasers. The Fantasy Theater featured a 30-40 minute Arabian fantasy drama which entertained the whole audience while a short but sweet magic Flying Carpet Ride will make you feel like a child again.

Pagoda's Revenge

Captain Cook's Swinging Ship

Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure

The South Pacific featured the classic Captain Cook's Swinging Ship, a wild river ride in the Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure, a free fall experience in the Pagoda's Revenge and many other water-themed rides. I wanted to try the Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure but since I was just alone I was not allowed to ride the log boat. There must be at least two people to ride the log boat. A kind Taiwanese mom and her kid joined me in the log boat and we made big splash as the boat slides down in the artificial river. 

Monkey Trail

Enter the African Safari and experience seeing different kinds of monkeys from above as you pedal a bike in the Monkey Trail. Take a journey at the Nairobi Express and enjoy seeing animals like the hippopotamus in their natural environment. Wild beast can be viewed safely without being eaten alive in the Tour Bus. Say hi to the black bears, tigers and lions! Just don't break the glass windows of the bus or else... haha! 

Be a cowboy in the Wild West! Explore the old American town, barn houses, and a railroad mine. Just don't do bad things or you will find yourself inside the sheriff's house. Enjoy the extreme rides like the Screaming Condor, the roller coaster in the Little Rattler and the crowd favorite Big Canyon Rapids. I got scared at the Old Oil Well but I'm sure riding it will you give you the thrill of your life. 

 A colorful parade of dancing mascots and beautiful Caucasians will make you forget that you are in Taiwan. Their floats were filled with Disney-like characters giving you that Disneyland feel. Hungry? No problem! There were a lot of food kiosks around and restaurants too. Coin-operated lockers were also available to keep your belongings safe. 

At 7pm, the lights started to turned off, the sound of laughter disappears and the gates of Leofoo Village was slowly being closed. I went home tired but very happy. I started my first adventure in my Year 3 in Taiwan at the right place and at the right time. Yeah! Year 3! New places to see in Taiwan and greater challenges as a third-year PhD student. It's a whole new world.

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