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2 Days, 2 Nights Taipei itinerary from December 11 to 13 [Ask Luo-Mu Jie]

Dear Luo-Mu Jie,

Hi! My name is Jho, a Filipino working in Dubai. I will be in Taipei with friends/family for 2 days and 2 nights from Dec. 11 to 13.   I've been searching for packages from Klook and I already pre-selected these on their app.

Are these ok? This is my plan: Dec. 11: 4:00 pm arrival at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) then Shilin Night Market; on Dec. 12: Jiufen, Shifen, Yehliu tour by Klook, then Modern Toilet, then visit Raohe Night Market; Dec. 13: hop on hop off Taipei Double Decker Bus and Din Tai Fung, must be back at the hotel by 4:00 pm because our flight is at 8:30 pm.  We will be staying near the Taipei Main Station.

Do we need to reserve a seat at Modern Toilet? We plan to eat there for dinner.   Is the NTD 200 EasyCard by Klook enough? Which branch of Din Tai Fung is ok? Do you recommend boarding the Taipei Double Decker Bus? Or travelling by MRT will be better?


Jho, let me organize first your itinerary.  Because you want to visit Raohe Night Market on Day 2, I placed the Modern Toilet on Day 1.  To make your life easier, I already put the Klook links, MRT lines and Google Map locations on this travel plan.

2-days, 2 nights Taipei itinerary
Day 116:00 arrive at Taoyuan International Airport, pick-up EasyCard
arrive at Taipei Main Station, will be staying at one of the hotels near the train station

Go to Shilin Night Market
[Taipei MRT Red Line Jiantan Station -> walk][Google Map]
see Modern Toilet Shilin [Taipei MRT Red Line Shilin Station -> walk][Google Map] branch
The Modern Toile Shilin branch and the Shilin Night Market are walking distance from each other.
Day 2Jiufen,Shifen, Yehliu tour by Klook
and after that visit Raohe Night Market [Taipei MRT Songshan Station Green Line -> Exit 5][Google Map]
Day 3Din Tai Fung Taipei 101 for brunch
  [Taipei MRT Taipei 101 Station Red Line -> Exit 4][Google Map]
Ride Hop-on, Hop-off Taipei Double Decker bus
[Taipei Main Station/Taipei MRT Red Line -> Exit M4][Taipei double decker bus timetable]
Should be at the hotel by 16:00
board Airport MRT at A1 Station [Google Map] to Taoyuan International Airport (TPE),
flight at 20:30

For Modern Toilet,  if you plan to go to the Ximending branch (which I believe was your first choice), it is a must that you make an online reservation [Reserve here].   There are an estimated 80 seats on the Ximending branch and with the large number of tourists visiting that area, waiting for a few minutes is next to impossible during lunch/dinner time.

But Modern Toilet has another branch near Shilin Night Market.  And thanks to Klook they are giving a voucher package [Check it here] that you can use on the restaurant.  The Shilin Branch is not full with people during peak hours because it's less popular than the Ximending branch.  For a hassle-free trip, make an online reservation so you won't waste your time when you arrive there.

The NTD 200 EasyCard by Klook is ok.  Just load NTD 100 if the balance falls below zero.

For the Taipei Double Decker Bus, I recommend the Red Route. It will be perfect if the weather is sunny on Day 3.  I always find it exciting to see the Taipei 101 as the bus passes by along the road, until it gets nearer and nearer to Taiwan's highest building.  Just pick the 4 hours Pass for the double decker bus.  The chrysanthemums at Shilin Official Residence are already gone during your visit, so the Blue Route won't make any sense anymore.  If you plan to have a selfie in front of the National Palace Museum, just board the Taipei MRT Red Line, get off at Jiantan Station and transfer to Bus R30. 

I selected the Taipei 101 branch of Din Tai Fung [Taipei MRT Red Line -> Exit 4] for your brunch.  Although the Dongmen branch is the original store, with the original chef and the original recipe, the 101 branch is located near to interesting attractions that's full of cuteness. There is the souvenir store at the basement of Taipei 101, the Jimmy's Moon Bus [Google Map], and if you're a fan of Studio Ghibli, you can visit the Totoro Store at the basement of the ATT4Fun Mall [Google Map].

If you still have time, use the remaining balance of your EasyCard and try to visit the Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall [Taipei MRT Green Line/Red Line -> Exit 5][Google Map] and watch the changing of guards ceremony.   Another place that you can still see is the Sun-yat Sen Memorial Hall [Taipei MRT Blue Line -> Exit 4][Google Map].

Don't forget to bring home some souvenirs from Raohe Night Market.
Overall, your itinerary is very simple and not stressful for first timers in Taiwan.  I'm hopeful that you will enjoy your short stay in Taipei.


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