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Taoyuan Flower Festival (桃園花節) [Travel in Taiwan 161113: Blooming Autumn - Daxi District]


If the flower festival in Zhongli District was accessible and situated in a modern city, the venue for the Daxi District was held in a remote town in the province. It was funny to admit but somehow I seemed got lost as soon as I stepped out of the bus. I felt that I was taken to a town that I've never seen before. 

A rural town with open fields was transformed into a big garden of cosmos flowers and other colorful blossoms. From the bus stop, I walked for a few meters until I saw some visitors taking selfies. They were having fun in a field of cosmos and I got envy to have my photos as well. All the flowers in the 2016 Xinshe Sea of Flowers were heavily guarded that no one was able to get in the middle of the blooming fields. But here in Daxi, I saw the opportunity!

I set up my tripod and within 10 seconds I was able to pose for a nice picture for my travel blog. The town seemed ordinary. But as soon after I walked for more than a kilometer, the real beauty of the town unfolded in front of me. Vast hectares of rice fields were turned into an oasis of blossoms like the one in Xinshe. There were the usual cosmos flowers of violet and pink shades up to the bright yellow color of the sunflowers. 

As part of the festivity, there were booths and food stalls so that visitors would have other things to do. I saw painted spinning tops on a display table and even if I don't speak Chinese I instantly got the idea that it was for a DIY activity. I searched the entire activity area until I found a group of people with young kids having fun with their painting activity. Daxi is known for its spinning tops and it was not surprising to see this kind of diversion. I also wanted to try but due to lack of time, I just content myself with taking photos. The last bus was scheduled to leave at 5:00 pm and if ever I won't be able to board the bus then I would be in big trouble. 

Near the activity area was the Lee Teng-fan's Ancient Residence (李騰芳古宅). Googling for the name of this old house led me to discover that the name of the place that I went here in Daxi was Yuemei Village. Anyway, the roof of the house was black in color and I had never seen such color of a roof in Taiwan. Its odd appearance made me wonder who the owner of the house was and how influential was that person during the Qing Dynasty. I'm not an expert in Taiwanese history so let's just leave that to the experts. 


Another interesting thing in the flower festival in Daxi District was the poor goat that was being grilled. I was not really sure if it was a goat but based on what I saw it must probably be a goat. Its long legs would not make it qualify as a pig. Fire engulfed its skin and the heat it turned into a delicious meal. 

I was walking back to the bus stop when I noticed people in the middle of a large field of cosmos flowers. The sun was setting down but the light was still enough to get good pictures. There was a pathway that allowed the visitors to roam around and no was guarding the flower field. Being in the middle of cosmos flowers sent a great joy to my heart that I got tempted to jump into the field. Haha! I knew that these blossoms in Yuemei Village would only last for a week but next year I might see them bloom again.

Zhongli District and Daxi District. I'm already done with these two. The “Blooming Autumn” series will continue in my next travelogue with my visit to the districts of Dayuan and Luzhu, both still in the province of Taoyuan.

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