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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Taiwan tulips - Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market (中社观光花市) - Taichung [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180101: A Great Start]


The luomujie blog makes another giant leap by bringing to you the “Wow lineup”.  Every week Taiwan's most visually appealing attractions will be showcased to excite everyone's senses.  From favorite attractions to the off-beaten tourist sites, the website will surprise its readers with stunning photos that will surely lure them to visit the island.   Are you ready?  Let's start with the tulips of Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market.  

Taichung's famous flower farm is now teeming with these beautiful flowers.  If you have forgotten to visit Xinshe District during the Sea of Flowers last November, then don't worry because the Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market is here for you.   The farm changes its set of blossoms every season to give visitors a reason to come back and create new memories.  For the months of January to the first half of March, the bright colors of tulips takes the centerstage warming the hearts of each person who enters the farm's premises.   

There are about 10 different kinds of tulips to be seen.  With the sun shining upon their petals, the flowers glowed like gold as I looked at them in great number.  I can't stop myself from thinking that I was no longer in Taiwan, but in a country in Europe where these flowers are usually associated to. The Netherlands!

The cool weather makes the first quarter of the year a suitable time to visit the flower farm.   Adult tickets cost NTD 150 and they also have now English pamphlets to cater to their growing number of international visitors.  How to get here?  Most tourists board the High Speed Rail to Taichung and transfer to a local train in Xinwuri Station.  At Tai'an Station, people walk for 20 to 30 minutes to reach the farm.   Well, that's what I have told in my “Taiwan Day 939:  Flowers will always Bloom” travelogue.  For this visit, I discovered a new way on how to reach the farm.

As an added bonus, there is pine tree forest a few kilometers from Tai'an Station.  The trees start to show their dramatic colors every December.

Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market is conveniently located on a highway where vehicles of the  Fengyuan Bus company can be seen passing by.   So visitors from Taipei now have the option to board Bus 6606 and alight at Gongguan bus stop.  In Taichung,  the Fengyuan Bus Station located beside the TRA Fengyuan Station serves as the terminal stop of the southbound bus.  Tourists going to Gongguan stop can board the northward vehicle at this place.   

So are you now super-excited to see the tulips of Taiwan? You should be!  A ton of flowers will appear in Taiwan at the peak of the cherry blossom season in February and March.  The plum blossoms and other flowers are also waiting for you.  So be there when it happens because the “Wow lineup” is here and it already did a great start.


How to go to Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market (中社观光花市)

Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market (中社觀光花市)
Address: 421, Taichung City, Houli District, 三豐路五段333號

A. from Taipei:
1. Taipei Main Station → HSR Taichung Station Get your tickets herehttps://affiliate.klook.com/jump/activity/817-thsr-one-way-ticket-taichung/?adid=39443&af_wid=4386 → TRA Xinwuri Station → TRA Tai'an Station → walk to reach the farm
2. Taipei Main Station → TRA Fengyuan Station via an express train → walk to Fengyuan  Bus Station → Bus 6606 → alight at Gonguan stop.  Travel time depends on the traffic.  
3. Taipei Main Station → TRA Fengyuan Station via an express train → TRA Tai'an Station via a local train → walk to reach the farm
4. Taipei Main Station → TRA Tai'an Station via a local train → Walk to reach the farm after 3 hours of slow train travel.
5. Taipei Bus Station → Bus 6606 → Alight at Gongguan stop. Bus fare is NTD 321.

B.  from Taichung 
1. TRA Taichung Station → TRA Tai'an Station → walk to reach the farm
2. Fengyuan Bus Station →  Board Bus 6606 → Alight at Gongguan stop.  Bus fare* is NTD 35.  

*Prepare exact amount.  EasyCard is not accepted.

C.  By tripool taxi from HSR Taichung, TRA Taichung Station or TRA Fengyuan Station:  Go to the web app: https://www.tripool.app/?utm_source=luomuji . Type "Chungshe Tourism Flower Market" as the destination and for the pick-up point you can type "HSR Taichung" or "Taichung TRA Station" or "Fengyuan Station".  The text on the search form in the app will automatically adjust according to your query.  Don't forget to book another ride for your return trip.

Price comparisons of one-way fares in tripool taxi in going to Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market/Chungshe Tourism Flower Market from the train stations in Taichung. Up to a maximum of 8 passengers can be book in one car.
Pick-up pointDestinationDistanceTravel timeEstimated fare in tripool taxi
# of passengers
1 or 2348
Fengyuan StationChungshe Tourism Flower Market9.5 kms21 minsNTD 426NTD 447NTD 468NTD 958
Taichung TRA Station34.5 kms41 minsNTD 659NTD 693NTD 725NTD 1,215
HSR Taichung Station31.4 kms30 minsNTD 579NTD 609NTD 637NTD 1,127


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