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Plum Blossom Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180115: Zhicheng Park]


While visitors in Taipei are so excited to see the cherry blossoms in Pingjing St. Lane 42, locals had been gathering around tall trees in a park in Shilin District.  Busy with their cameras, I was with them taking nice photos of these flowers called the plum blossoms.

Known in Taiwan as "meihua", the plum blossoms appear during the winter season.  The more the temperature drops, the more the flowers bloom.   It has a deep meaning in the Chinese-speaking world as it symbolizes perseverance and hope during the harshest times of life.   Flowers appearing during the icy and cold winter season.   Got it?

In Taipei, the plum blossoms are not that many but there are certain parks that people can go to enjoy their beauty.  One of these places is the Zhicheng Park.  How to get here?  Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Shilin Station.  Walk towards the Shilin Official Residence and cross the road to get to the park.

It is the best place to see the meihua in the capital.  There are a few trees but their trunks are tall enough to reach the sky.  I was lucky to see the flowers on a sunny day.  The sky was blue and making the petals shine against the bluish color of the heavens.    

Most visitors took photos of the plum blossoms with their bulky cameras.   I even saw one woman with toys in her bag.   She used it as props with the meihua flowers as the background.   Taiwanese usually do this kind of thing like using dolls to take good pictures instead of taking selfies.  

If you are in Taipei and you want to see these flowers, then hurry.  I already saw some leaves on the branches.  Soon all the flowers will fall to the ground as rain and strong wind can easily blow them away.   Such a short life for these flowers! So we should love them just like the sakuras.  See you in the next post of the Plum Blossom Series.


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