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Taiwan Sample Itinerary 171020-27: Taoyuan International Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場) - Taichung (台中) - Tainan (台南) - Alishan (阿里山) - Taipei (台北) - Taroko (太魯閣) - Paragliding

Quennie from the Philippines asked helped for her trip to Taiwan.  She will be arriving in Taoyuan International Airport at 00:25 and will be traveling across the western half of the country and then northwards to Taipei.  She also wants to visit Taroko National Park or go paragliding if the weather permits.

I made her a travel plan that can serve as her guide throughout her stay on this island.  Bus/train timetables, Google Map and other links are colored purple.

October 20: airport -> Taichung
[1] Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport -> TRA Taichung Station:
Bus 1623 To TRA Taichung Station
Bus 1623 to Zhaoma Station (Taichung)

[2] TRA Taichung Station -> TRA Tai’an Station -> walk to Zhongshe Sightseeing Flower Market (中社观光花市)
For the departure times of the trains, check the TRA timetable website:
Both the Taichung and Tai’an Station are part of the Taichung Line.

[3] If still have time, then go to Rainbow Village
TRA Taichung Station -> Walk to Gancheng bus stop -> Ride Bus 30 or 40 -> Alight at Ling Dong High School (嶺東高中) stop -> Walk towards Rainbow Village
October 21: Taichung -> Tainan
There are three options:
[1] Board TRA from Taichung Station to Tainan Station
[2] HSR-TRA combo
TRA Taichung Station -> TRA Xinwuri Station -> HSR Taichung Station -> HSR Tainan Station -> TRA Shalun Station -> TRA Tainan Station
[3] ride bus to Tainan: Bus 1871
To get to Anping,  board Bus 88 or Bus 99 from TRA Tainan Station

October 22:  Tainan -> Alishan
TRA Tainan Station -> TRA Chiayi Station -> Bus 7329 or Bus 7322C -> Alishan

October 23: Alishan -> Taipei
[1] Bus – TRA combo
Bus 7329 or Bus 7322C -> TRA Chiayi Station -> Taipei Main Station
[2] Bus – HSR combo
Bus 7329 or Bus 7322C -> TRA Chiayi Station -> ride shuttle bus to HSR Chiayi Station -> Taipei Main Station

October 24:  Taipei -> Taroko Gorge
Combo ticket method: MRT Taipei City Hall Station -> Taipei City Hall Bus Station -> Yilan Station -> Xincheng/Hualien Station. Then board the Taiwan Tour Bus Taroko Route

October 24 alternate: paragliding
MRT Taipei City Hall -> Go to Exit 2 -> Board Bus Bus 1815 (Jinshan Youth Activity Center route at Taipei City Hall Bus Station -> Alight at Wanli Bridge stop -> Call Mustang Paragliding via Messenger

October 25 to 26: Easy Taipei 
October 27: Flight back to the Philippines

Maple Series

"Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei). Catch it every Wednesday at 8:00 pm (Taiwan/Philippine time)

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