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Pineapple Cake Factory Tour

The finale episode of the Chinese class of the Spring Semester 2014 was a visit to a famous pineapple cake factory, Vigor Kobo. Founded in 1992, it is one of Taiwan's famous pineapple cake brands. The factory is accessible via Exit 5 of MRT Xinpu Station then taking Bus 805 or 813 to Far Eastern Logistics bus stop. Pineapple cakes are called Fènglí sū (凤梨酥) [Filipino: fang-li-su] and selling pineapple cakes is a multi-million Taiwan dollar business.

The purpose of the field trip to Vigor Kobo was to experience making our own pineapple cakes. Actually, the two main dough were already prepared. It was a yellow and an orange one. Making pineapple cakes was just simple. I just simply rolled the two dough separately and then I cut them into six equal pieces. The orange dough is the pineapple filling while the the yellow dough (crust) is used to cover the orange pineapple filling. My Indians classmates didn't find it difficult to make the pineapple cakes as they are used to the process of rolling and flattening a dough due to their skills in making food like 'rotti'. But one must have strong hands to squeeze and roll the dough as the dough were a bit hard to press.

Take note of your mold number!
 We then placed our pineapple cakes to the mold and my favorite was the Taiwan island shape. We were also told to memorize our mold numbers as it was the only way to identify our own handmade pineapple cakes. It was baked in the factory and while waiting we toured the Pineapple Dream Factory.

We went upstairs for a tour of the Pineapple Dream Factory.

The tour includes an interactive 3D game and an amazing movie about pineapples but the interesting part was when the class saw a pineapple cake machine. It was amazing to see those 'golden bricks' mechanically processed and baked and the tour would not be complete if Vigor Kobo won't give us free taste of their famous pineapple cakes. We ate more than one and it was very delicious! 

Taiwan-shaped pineapple cake

The class was then brought to the shop where we can choose different cake products to buy. Aside from that there was a free taste of their products. Using just a toothpick you can taste any delicacy that you want. It was almost lunch time and the whole class was hungry and my classmates and I unintentionally ate all the dried mangoes. Haha! We just have a photo with me holding a pineapple cake in a toothpick as if nothing happened.

We finally got our pineapple cakes. It was six pieces of freshly baked handmade cakes of different shapes. The whole DIY and tour package was NTD 250. I also got a coupon from Vigor Kobo. My classmates used their coupon to buy some goods but I just decided to keep it for souvenir purposes. I wrote Taiwan Day 296 on the coupon and kept it to remember the day when I visited Vigor Kobo, the pineapple kingdom.


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  1. Pineapple cake, Have tried our pineapple tarts in Malaysia?
    Hope you have, and please comment.
    Cheer Rahim Maarof

    1. I haven't been to Malaysia but I would love to try.


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