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Chimei Museum (奇美博物館) [Travel in Taiwan 170909: Odyssey]

A museum for all. That's how Chimei Museum describes itself. A grand palace full of Western collections ranging from violins, paintings, and sculptures. It was just a dream of young Taiwanese boy who wants to have his own museum. Now, it's a big place for great minds that are always hungry for new discoveries. 

Cherub Fountain

Muse Plaza

It’s not proper to say here, “Sit back, relax and enjoy”, because you have to do lots of walking inside its galleries. Taking photos and videos are also not allowed. Those who want to reminisce about their trip can just go Google Maps and enjoy walking in a virtual version of Chimei Museum. 

The building itself is already a tourist attraction. Its facade was designed like the Pantheon with a dome on top. Its mighty columns give a strong impression of authority to anyone who gazes at it. Walk further away and you can see more of its grand beauty. With a total exhibit space of 40,000 square meters, it houses various kinds of precious items like violins, Persian weaponry and Western Arts dating back from the 13th century. Its collections are still small compared to the National Palace Museum but more than enough to be seen in one day.




Olympus Bridge

Take a stroll at the viaduct and you will meet the Gods of Mt. Olympus. Zeus holds a bolt of lightning in his hands ready to strike anyone who disobeys his orders. Her daughter, Athena stood with a spear. She embodies bravery and wisdom while at the same time looking wild with a snake beside her. Hera, the wife of Zeus, even though elegantly looking in her gown, her heart is full of jealousy and always ready to take vengeance on anyone who hurt her feelings. These gods and the other powerful beings decorate the bridge like you were walking in the heavens. They would try to speak to you, but you won't hear them. They will try to look at you, but you won't notice them.

Fountain of Apollo

Adding more grandeur to the panoramic view of the building is the Fountain of Apollo. You will find there the Greek sun god and his set of chariot horses along with other creatures. A recreation of the fountain in the Palace of Versailles, the French artist Gills Perrault was given the task in 2008 to bring life to this great replica. This marble sculpture with the view of the museum building behind made this place in Taiwan like a scenic spot in a European country. 

Bao'an Station

Not a single word can sum up one's experience in Chimei Museum. With the thousands of visitors every day, it's no surprise that guests have already heard of the stories about the stuffed animals in the ground floor, the musical box theater on the second floor and the artworks inside the building’s dome. So if you want to see them, take a train journey now to Bao’an Station in Tainan and then walk towards the museum. Enter the halls and get ready to embark on your own odyssey.

Chimei Museum
Address:  No. 66, Section 2, Wenhua Road, Rende District, Tainan City, 71755
Adult tickets cost NTD 200
Google Map

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