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Travel in Taiwan 171102-07: Escape from Formosa Part 1 ”I Fled into the Night”

“This is your boarding pass Sir. Your boarding gate is G13. Your boarding time is 18:00”, said by the woman at the UNI Air counter of Taipei Songshan Airport. I looked at that piece of paper with full of excitement. Within an hour, a plane will take me to a place called Kinmen (金門) which means “Golden Gate”. An island territory of Taiwan, a few kilometers away from Mainland China.

Torn by war, Kinmen is officially recognized as a province of Taiwan. And this is why it’s so interesting to visit. An enigma that needs to be demystified. How come an island so close to China is part of Taiwan? There must be something here that I need to discover, but I have to do it secretly.

A stealthy escape from Formosa. That’s all I need. And it was easier than I thought. Booking a flight with UNI Air was convenient with its user-friendly English website. Getting to Taipei Songshan Airport was also a piece of cake. The Brown Line of the MRT helped me reached the airport in less than 25 minutes from Nangang Exhibition Center.

The best time to visit Kinmen is during the months of October and November. In summer, it’s too hot. During spring, it’s foggy. In winter, it is too cold! The huge number of travelers during the Oct. 10 holidays make it difficult to get a plane ticket. So I have to do it during November when everyone was busy with work. When no one was planning to go to Kinmen.

Taipei City at night. A few minutes after take off

Like a thief in the night, I seized the moment. Flying above Taipei City, a few minutes after take-off, I saw “home” down below. Its bright lights were cheering for my successful trip. An adventure of a lifetime. Visiting a place with a culture different from the island of Taiwan will add another page to my rich collections of unforgettable experiences in Formosa.

As my plane approaches Shanyi Airport of Kinmen Island, Mainland China can be seen. 

The glowing lights of Xiamen in China broke the darkness of the night as I get nearer to my destination. Shining, shimmering and glittering. It has tall skyscrapers that illuminate the shoreline as if no war had happened across the sea between Kinmen and Xiamen.

As my plane starts to descend to Shanyi Airport, my level of excitement got higher. I will be exploring the military bases of Kinmen and listen to its countless stories of bravery. I went here not as a spy or even act as a sly. I just escaped from Formosa and I fled into the night.

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