Taiwan Day 587: The Biotechnology Incubation Center - April 10, 2015 | Travel in Asia

Taiwan Day 587: The Biotechnology Incubation Center - April 10, 2015


The Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) organized a tour to the Biotechnology Incubation Center (BIC) at Nangang Software Park. BIC is a unit of Academia Sinica’s Genomics Research Center and acts as a spawning ground for biotechnology companies in Taiwan. Researchers from Academia Sinica give technical assistance to companies which later ‘graduate’ from BIC as an independent biotech company. The trip was an eye-opener of how far Taiwan is from the Philippines in terms of the biotechnology industry.

 Lectures were given and I listened to every word that the facilitators said to us. Two companies also delivered their lectures and their business models. I was impressed of how they apply the discoveries made in the lab to become useful products or services. CHO Pharma Inc., a glycan-based drug company was an interesting company developing drugs based on sugars and antibodies.

The lab tour of Protech Pharmaservices Corporation (PPC) gave me and my fellow TIGP PhD students the opportunity to see what’s going on in their lab. We wore PPC’s lab gown and some were required to wear googles. I didn’t wear any goggles since I already have eye protection which is my eyeglasses. The inside was like an ordinary lab in Academia Sinica with sophisticated equipment. PPC works like a BPO of pharmaceutical companies wherein they do the experiments that biotech companies request them to do.

TIGP organizes this kind of trip every year and I am hopeful that next year a new batch of companies will present and allow us to see their facilities. Why? Because they will have a free promotion courtesy of my fb-travel blog. lol. My dear TIGP friends, let us cross our fingers for another exciting visit to the Biotechnology Incubation Center.

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