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Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) - Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) [Taiwan Day 589: One tasty art with MOCA shake please - April 12, 2015]

Go nuts with donuts! Two humongous strawberry donuts were in front me and I couldn’t stop myself from tasting one. I opened my mouth as if I can really bite the very large tasty bread. Uhm… A fantasy which is not far from reality the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) proudly presents the “Testimony of Food: Ideas and Food” exhibit. 

My intellectual taste buds were saturated with artworks from various aspects. Louis Kahn’s architectural projects matched with ideas for urban planning were marvelous while the works of the German-Swiss Paul Klee were made for children and the young at heart. A visit to TFAM only costs NTD 30 and sometimes it’s even free. How can you miss this museum in Taipei?

I was with Luis. He was my Travel Buddy for this Taiwan Day 589. It was fun to be with this person from Dominican Republic because we both understand words like “sapatos” (shoe) and counting numbers like “uno”, “dos”, “tres”. His country was a former colony of Spain just like my country, the Philippines.

We roamed around TFAM and found interesting video presentations like the peeling of an orange. I can hear the crisp sound of the rupture of the orange’s skin as it succumbs to the strong hands of a woman. Love and war can be seen outside the showroom with cholate bars in the shape of missiles, rifles and grenades. Be careful when you eat them! The chocolates will melt in your mouth and then explode in your stomach. Heart-shaped balloons added an atmosphere of love versus the gloomy scenario of a war.

After our tasty adventure in TFAM, it was time to drink a MOCA shake. MOCA stands for Museum of Contemporary Art. Both museums are accessible by the red line of the Taipei Metro. Just go to MRT Yuanshan for TFAM and for MOCA it's MRT Zhongshan Station. It was my second time in MOCA Taipei. The first time was in Taiwan Day 106 (Tour Guide For A Day).

My neurons were teased by the “Animal Farm” and the “Feathers” exhibit. A large outdoor installation immediately welcomed us at the entrance of the MOCA. The ticket costs only NTD 50 and we were warned about sexual innuendo in some displays which made it more exciting. lol. What I really like MOCA is how they keep the exhibits interesting. They add a new twist for an upcoming exhibit so the next time you visit the museum it will be a different aspect of your senses that will pop. 

It has been winter again the past few days in Taiwan. Where is the fun in Taiwan if there is no sun? For these cold and rainy days I know where to go and I know what to order. One tasty art with MOCA shake please.


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