Shilin Official Residence (士林官邸站) - Rose Garden Show [Taiwan Day 581: Roses are ... - April 4, 2015] | Travel in Asia

Shilin Official Residence (士林官邸站) - Rose Garden Show [Taiwan Day 581: Roses are ... - April 4, 2015]


When it comes to flowers the roses are the most elegant. Its popular red form has been the symbol of expression of love of men who wants to show their feelings for the woman they love. Have you received one? Have you gave one? Lucky are those women who have received roses on Valentine’s Day and brave are those men who gave it personally to their loved one.

Here in Taiwan, there was a woman who doesn’t just received roses. She has her own garden of it! Her name was Soong Mei-ling also known as Madame Chiang. She is the wife of Chiang Kai-shek and her garden was within the vicinity of their blue mansion in Shilin District of Taipei. Madame Chiang died long ago but her love for roses still lives. The annual Shilin Official Residence Rose Garden Show makes this possible. It just proves that like diamonds roses are forever.

Chiang Kai-Shek's Shilin Official Residence Park Map


inside Horticultural Exhibition Hall

Chinese Garden

Two flower events happen every year in Shilin and every spring Taipei residents can experience the resurrection of Madame Chiang’s favorite flowers in her Rose Garden. How to go there? Just take the MRT to Shilin Station and then walk for 300 meters to reach the big park.

There were also other flowers to admire aside from the roses. Unfortunately, the labels were in Chinese but it didn’t stop me in appreciating their beauty. Orchids can also be found inside the New Orchid Pavilion. April Fools’ Day was already over but the red temple look of the building fooled me when I went inside. Colorful orchids amazed the visitors with the unusual color and shape of its petals.

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I also went inside the blue mansion and it was the best place to learn about the owner of the Rose Garden. Madame Chiang was not only a plain housewife. She was a well-read woman and was very good in English. She was also a painter as she studied bird and floral painting. After my short tour in the mansion I concluded that Soong Mei-ling was a real rose with Chiang Kai-shek as its thorns.

I went back to the Rose Garden to take additional pictures until I found an indoor exhibition. Paintings and bags decorated with roses were displayed. Real roses were also displayed in another hall. I looked at them closely and then I described the flowers with a sentence. I saw a red rose. “Roses are red”. I saw a pink rose. “Roses are pink”. I saw a yellow rose. “Roses are yellow” and then …. “Is this a hybrid rose?” I asked myself as I looked into a rose with a mixture of white and red color. I just said, “Roses are….”


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