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Banqiao (板橋) New Taipei City Christmasland [Taiwan Day 480: Every 24th - December 24, 2014]

The best time of the year has arrived! It’s Christmas again. The whole world is rejoicing for the birth of the Lord. As I wait for Santa Claus to make my elusive wish this Christmas come true which is Jollibee, I went to Banqiao to spend the Christmas Eve. 

A map of Christmas decorations around the New Taipei City Hall in Banqiao.  I just boarded the MRT to Banqiao Station to reach this 'Christmas City'

There were many people but I was a little bit disappointed. Last year’s decorations were better and there was also a place to have photos to be taken by people with DSLR but this year only a concert was there plus the LED Christmas Tree. “Where is that Flickr photo place?” I asked myself as I wandered the entire plaza.

The giant LED Christmas was still beautiful and captivating as last year but I still prefer last year’s hourly Santa Claus and New Taipei City bear mascot show. I took a video to capture the moment. Just within a few meters from the City Hall were mascot displays. I’m not familiar what they represent but my most favorite was the rhinoceros. They might be the mascots of Taiwan’s professional baseball teams.

Since I came to Taiwan my world has changed but every 24th of December I always feel like I’m in the Philippines. The atmosphere in Banqiao is just so merry. A man even played a Christmas song using his saxophone. Oh! The Christmas spirit is here. I will always come back here every 24th of December. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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