2014 Taipei Flower Show (臺北花卉展) - Taipei Expo Park [Taiwan Day 469: Winter Garden - Dec. 13, 2014] | luomujie blogspot

2014 Taipei Flower Show (臺北花卉展) - Taipei Expo Park [Taiwan Day 469: Winter Garden - Dec. 13, 2014]

A few days ago I posted a photo of a dinosaur and I called it ‘long neck’. A PhD classmate saw that photo and asked me if the dinosaur was real. haha! I laughed when my classmate asked me that question. I didn’t go to Jurassic Park but a dinosaur was standing in the 2014 Taipei Flower Show (臺北花卉展) . Three flower festival events were happening at the same time on that day and the land of Meteor Garden was transformed into a Winter Garden.

I was joined by two Travel Buddies and I was very happy. They were Meiws (Zimbabwean) and Lam (Singaporean). Lam was my Travel Buddy in my past travel adventures but it was Meiws' first time to join my travel adventure. Like any Travel Buddy, I was able to interview her and she shared her experiences as a Master student in China. I became more curious how life is on the other side of the Taiwan Strait after listening to her stories. 

The Taipei Expo Park was adorned with beautiful and colorful flowers. Santa Claus was even there and a large panda was dressed as another Santa. Pinwheels made the place more scenic. A strong wind advisory was released by Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau on that day. It was cloudy and the wind was blowing strong. The pinwheels rotated endlessly while blending with the flowers. It was really tempting to pick them and bring them home just like any flower in the flower festival.

We entered the Taipei Expo Dome and there was an indoor flower exhibit. We traveled around the world in the four corners of the exhibition hall and it was fascinating to see a lot of flowers ranging from roses to orchids used as decorations for replicas of famous places around the world. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge, the ‘Hollywood’ sign in the US and the Arc de Triomphe of Paris. The Sydney Opera House made me feel I’m in the land down under and the Asian superstar Mt. Fuji was also there. Also don’t forget Taipei 101. 

Sad to say, the indoor exhibit lasted only until Dec. 14 but ‘long neck’ will still be there in Taipei Expo Park and will be staying until Jan. 11, 2015. This flower festival in winter made my December the best month ever. Although Taipei doesn’t have snow during winter compared to Seoul and Tokyo but I’m sure this ‘Winter Garden’ is as white as snow and blossoming with life.


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