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Friday, December 26, 2014

Taiwan Day 481: A Filipino Christmas - Dec. 25, 2014


The Filipinos gathered once again to celebrate the Christmas season. Everything was perfect from the fruit salad to the Choc Nut. The spaghetti tastes like Jolly Spaghetti while the adobo made me cry again. It was the first time that I was able eat adobo again since May in Taiwan Day 262 (Adobo). haha! It was a Christmas like no other.

Last year, we had our Christmas party in a KTV bar near Raohe Night Market but this year it was held in one of the homes of our Filipino friends in Nangang. We played Pinoy Henyo with a twist. The player who was guessing the word was being electrocuted while guessing the mystery word. Ouch! The funny mystery picture game was also hilarious while the Singing Bee contest reminded everyone of the different Christmas songs that Filipinos always hear during the Christmas season.

A Christmas Party would not be complete if there will be no exchange gift. A computerized lottery was done to determine who will receive our gifts with the help of the website Secret Santa. I was e-mailed by Secret Santa on who will receive my gift. The surname sounds familiar and the person maybe rich. haha!

There were some strange events that happened while the party was going on. The first one was when all of the people were locked inside. Someone from the group have a good Chinese speaking skill and he yelled outside the window. Luckily, he was able to get help from one Taiwanese to open the door. An umbrella got stuck between the door and the wall that caused the door not to open. There was also this policeman who disturbed us at midnight while in the middle of a Pinoy Henyo game. Tension filled the air while the word 'Silent Night' was being guessed. The policeman wants a silent night in the neighbourhood.

I forgot that I was in Taiwan that night. Although I love Taiwan, it still feels different when you are with people who speak the same language as you do. It just feels like home. It's really great to be a Filipino. It's really great to experience a Filipino Christmas.

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