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Monday, September 30, 2013

Taiwan Day 30: "Stamp" and Bank Account - Sept. 30, 2013

I was able to open a bank account today at the Post Office in Academia Sinica. I also have now a stamp bearing my Chinese name. I am sure my brothers will be envy of me having my Chinese name in a stamp. I don't know if this kind of wooden stamp can be made in the Philippines but what I am proud about it is that it is an authentic wooden stamp and it was made in Taiwan. This stamp is one piece of solid evidence that I have set foot on this foreign land to fulfill my dreams. I am supposed to use the stamp as a signature in opening the bank account but since I only have my English name in my ARC I just sign the application form with my handwritten signature in the application form. I just remember that when I applied for my ARC I did not write my Chinese name in the application form. At that time I don't have my National Tsing Hua University acceptance letter with me, I know my Chinese name but I don't know how to write it in Chinese characters nor in pinyin and I ended up with my ARC having only my English name. My ARC is only valid for one year so upon my renewal I will have again the chance to have my Chinese name on my ARC and use my stamp. I deposited NTD 100 for the opening of my bank account and I am now excited to receive my first stipend and to experience my first 'katas ng Taiwan'.

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