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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Taiwan Day 31: Dr. Wen-Hsiung Li's Talk: Oct. 1, 2013


After my Python programming class, I hurriedly went to the 2nd Floor of the Center of Academic Activities to find the First Conference Room and listen to the talk of Dr. Li. He is my professor in my lab rotation and he is the Bioinformatics Division Director of the Genomics Research Center. I can say that I am lucky that I am doing my rotation in his lab. Thanks to PGC, I have some experience in assembling a TB genome and other NGS data analysis and that was my "ticket" to work in his lab. I was nervous when I entered the conference room. I've never seen such a large conference room like this. I can just fell the pressure of hundreds of people sitting semi-circularly and paying attention to one person at the center. I'm sitting at the backmost row and I'm looking directly at my professor. Since I am doing my lab rotation under his supervision, I could pick him as my adviser for my PhD dissertation. The conference room was filled with TIGP students who are eager to listen to his experience in the USA as a PhD student. He made the right decisions in his life and that is the reason why he is successful and with many achievements in life. He even talked of some of his past PhD and PostDoc students that he mentored and that adds pressure to me. He presented a world map with markers pinpointing the different country of origin of his past students. If ever he will take me as his thesis student, I may become to be the first Filipino TIGP Bioinformatics student to be mentored by him and I will work hard to be successful like him.

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