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Taipei kong mahal 180411: Behold the hollyhocks

Someone sowed some magic seeds in one corner of Taipei.  You won’t believe it! Plants that can grow as tall as humans can be seen near the MRT Shilin Station.   Imagine yourself to become small like an ant and they become the legendary tree in the children’s story “Jack and the Beanstalk”.   With their large flowers,  passersby can’t stop themselves from taking pictures of blossoms that can only be seen in the city every spring.

Alcea rosea.  Commonly known as the hollyhocks, they are the other flowers of Taipei when most people go crazy in Zhuzihu for the calla lilies.    Pink, purple or white.   Their large flowers open widely and let spectators look at their pollens.  Anyone who gazes at them instantly becomes a botanist.

If you want to see them, just board the MRT and alight at Shilin Station.  They are planted at the corner of the busy road of Section 5, Zhongshan North Road and Fulin Road.  If you have been to Shilin Official Residence, then you must have passed by this street.   Buses coming from Yangminshan like R5 and 260 will also pass on this spot in the city.  Those who are quick enough to notice the flowers at the  MRT Shilin Station( Zhong Shan ) [捷運士林站(中山)] stop can press the alight button on the bus to get off the vehicle.

At the time of this writing, flowers near the bus stop that I have mentioned are in full bloom.  But there are still plants that are yet to grow.   A plot has been allotted so when the first batch already withered, new ones will start to appear.   They would soon bear flowers like the others with large petals that clearly shows their sweet pollen grains.   

So when you visit Taipei and decided to go to Tamsui, Beitou or Yangmingshan, have some time to take a stroll near MRT Shilin Station.  The flowers are already there and have been waiting for you. [Google Map].   Go now and behold the hollyhocks.


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