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Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市) [Taipei kong mahal 180418: Memories of Taste Buds]

Food! Food! Food! Everybody loves food! After having a hard time coding the program for a machine problem in Bioinformatics, I suddenly felt dizzy. The project was difficult and I need to go somewhere to relax. Going to a night market was my to de-stress.   I have been to Raohe Night Market and Shilin Night Market before and this was my first time to visit Ningxia Night Market.  

You can get to this place via the Shuanglian Station of Taipei MRT's Tamsui Line.  I have my Taipei Metro Tourist guide with me so I was able to find this night market.  The nearest exits are Exit 1 and Exit 2.  I was at first disappointed with what I saw because Ningxia Tourist Night Market was smaller than Shilin and Raohe but the good thing about this place was that it wasn't crowded. 

I have prepared myself for going to this place and I didn't eat any food after my holy 3:00 pm snack time.  It was around 7:00 pm when I arrived at Ningxia.  So it was 4 hours of fasting and I was ready to indulge and commit one of the seven deadly sins. 

The first food that attracted me was this grilled giant squid and it cost NTD 100. The vendor packed the sliced squids in a plastic container. I was not able to say immediately that I want to eat the squids in the available tables. I brought along the packed sliced squids with me until I saw a kiosk selling hot and spicy stinky tofu.  

Stinky tofu is one of the must-eat foods if you are visiting Taiwan.  There was an English sign telling 'hot and spicy stinky tofu' and I just point my finger at the display.  The lady vendor knew how to speak English and I learned something new today, that if a sign in a night market has an English label then the vendor knows how to speak English.  Some of the signs in food kiosk were only in Chinese so it will be difficult to talk to the vendors on which food they were selling are the ones you want to eat. 

The hot and spicy stinky tofu cost NTD 65.   After ordering,  I was assigned to a table by the lady vendor and I ate my barbecued squid there together with the stinky tofu. It was not really stinky in my opinion but it was really delicious.

After that heavy meal, I need something sweet and I found this sugar-coated strawberries on a stick. The strawberries looked very attractive and I bought one. I was a little bit surprised that it cost NTD 50.   A little expensive but it was good to eat.  It was my first time to ate such strawberries on a stick.  

I become thirsty so I look for a vendor selling fruit shake and I found this lady selling strawberries with a blender one her table.  We couldn't understand each other and I just point to the strawberries. She asked me if I want 'strawberry milkshake' and I just nodded to tell her that I want that kind of drink. The strawberry milkshake cost NTD 60 and that drink bloated my stomach. 

Going to a night market was a nice way to relax after a hard day's work in Taipei.  With my beloved city's 17 night markets,  there are lots of Taiwanese street foods to satisfy my stress-eating.  Haha! 

Ningxia Tourist Night Market.  The food and the taste. Ah! I will always remember these memories of taste buds!


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