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Taipei Maple Resort/Taipei Aowanda (台北奧萬大)

Autumn colors in April? Red maple leaves appearing in Taiwan after the cherry blossom season?  Is this world really getting crazy?  Relax and don't panic.  This is not made by climate change.   It's just the spring maple season in Taipei's Shilin District.  Every year during the month of April, a change of color happens.  From the pink petals of the yoshino sakura that flourished in Yangmingshan Park,  the red leaves of the Japanese maple will take the spotlight, after most of the cherry blossoms have lost its beauty. 

Japanese maple leaves at Taipei Aowanda.  How many leaflets do you see?

Experience this fall scenery in a private garden called the Taipei Maple Resort.  Also known as the Taipei Aowanda, it is the best place to see the Japanese maple leaves from late March to May.   The name Aowanda refers to the forest recreation area in Nantou which is considered to be the home of Taiwan's maple trees.  Bring the autumn foliage to the capital of Taiwan and it becomes Taipei Aowanda.  Nice name.  Haha!

Timetable of Bus 303
How to get to Taipei Aowanda?  Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Shilin Station.  Wait for Bus 303 in front of the Shilin District Farmers Association Building [Google Map] and get off the vehicle at the Xia guo xi (下過溪) stop [Google Map].  The gate of the Taipei Maple Resort is 230 meters from the bus stop.

Visitors waiting to enter Taipei Aowanda

The menu.  I ordered a cheesecake and coffee to use my voucher.  Total cost is NTD 260 so I added NTD 10.

I was assigned to Table 3-1 in the B hut.

The B hut

B3-1 table

My cheesecake.  I was actually very hungry when I came to Taipei Aowanda so using my voucher to get food was a wise decision.

After eating, I then explored the resort.

As of April 5, 2018, adult tickets cost NTD 250.  It's quite expensive but the entrance fee also serves as a voucher which you can use to buy food in the restaurant inside.  So you get to enjoy the maple after getting your stomachs full.  They have an English menu to help foreigners decide their orders with friendly staff to assist you if you have any questions.   After ordering, visitors are assigned to table numbers in various huts/picnic tables.   My most favorite place is the stream area where families can enjoy eating while listening to sound of flowing water.  

After getting done with my cheesecake and a hot cup of cappuccino, I explored the Maple Trail.   Taipei Aowanda has a mini-forest where tourists can wander and take pictures. 

Oh that foliage of Taiwan, it feels like Japan!  With the warm smiles of the Taiwanese that will surely melt your hearts, the color of the Japanese maple leaves appeared to be redder in the eyes of every foreign visitor.   So what are you waiting for?  Visit now the Taipei Maple Resort before all of the leaves turn green.

Rejoice!  They are already here.  Taiwan's spring leaves.

Taipei Aowanda (臺北奧萬大)
address: No. 19號, Lane 10, Pingjing Street, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111 [Google Map]

If waiting for Bus 303 takes a long time, visitors can board Bus R5 and get off the vehicle at Shan Zai Hou Police Station (山仔后派出所) [Google Map], and then wait for Bus 303 at this bus stop.  An LED screen at this waiting shed will help tourists make most of their time because of nearby convenience stores and restaurants.  Another option is to board Bus 260 [Google Map] at Taipei Main Station and then wait for Bus 303 at Shan Zai Hou Police Station (山仔后派出所) stop.



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  1. How about in January? Do the leaves fall down as well?

    1. No. In December during Christmas time, you can expect some yellow leaves at Taipei Aowanda. But in January, there's nothing to expect.

    2. How about this October?

  2. When this photos was taken?

    1. Mga 1st week ng April. Di pang-autumn mga maple dito sa Taipei Aowanda. Red tapos nagiging green habang papainit ang weather sa Taiwan.


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