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Taipei Lantern Festival (臺北燈節) [Taipei kong mahal 180228: Light up your hearts]

“Wàng wàng”, the dogs are barking in Taiwan. The Taipei Lantern Festival has been lit again to mark the arrival of the Year of the Dog.  Giant lanterns have been set up in Zhonghua Road turning the street into a mecca where locals and foreign visitors can experience the festive atmosphere.

2018 Taipei Lantern Festival Dog Lantern

Come on and join the fun in Ximending.   Board the MRT train and get off at Ximen Station.  Be part of the sea of people who are gazing at the brightly colored lanterns.  The darkness of the night has been illuminated by these objects bringing joy to anyone who has come close to the displays.

Parents brought their kids and they looked very happy.  How I wish I was born a Taiwanese!  My mama and papa would bring me to a place where things are glowing bright two weeks after the Chinese New Year.  The lantern festival!

The celebration is happening everywhere in Taiwan during this time of the year.  Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, Nantou and much more with the biggest event held this year in Chiayi.  It's the Taiwan Lantern Festival and it is described as more Disney than Disney.  Those who don't have the time to go to Southern Taiwan this year can still enjoy the festival here in my beloved city.

Between MRT Ximen and MRT Beimen Stations are eye-catching art installations that depict the culture of Taiwan.  In the previous years, the Taipei Lantern Festival was being held in Taipei Expo Park.  To rejuvenate the interest to the city's western district, the festivity has been shifted to Ximending and surrounding areas.  A must-see at the event is the Beimen area because of its 3D light show.

The removal of a flyover near Taipei Main Station brought new life to this forgotten historic gateway.  Once there was a wall surrounding the old city.  Locals called it as the “Taipei” castle.  A fortress built to protect the growing community of people living in a dried lake in Northern Taiwan which we now know as Taipei.   You can only enter the castle through gates and one of them is Beimen which means the North Gate.

Taipei North Gate 3D lights show

I was one of the hundreds waiting for the show at 9:15 pm and I don't know what to expect.  Visitors gather in front of the old gate and sat on the staircase until the lights went off and the show had started.  Watching it was like magic!  The roofs and windows of Beimen complemented the whole show as the Northern Gate's glorious past was brought to life.  Kudos to the city government.

The festivity and fun activities will continue to run until March 4.  There are performance stages near MRT Ximen and Beimen Stations to entertain the bored audience.   A booth has also been set up to distribute hand-held paper lanterns.  Visitors can join the queue to grab this special item.  Just the remember that the lanterns would be turned off at 9:30 pm during weekdays and 10:30 pm during weekends.   So what are you waiting for?  Visit the Taipei Lantern Festival and get ready to light up your hearts.


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