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Taipei Tulips Festival at Shilin Official Residence [Taipei kong mahal 180221: Hey! Hey! Hey! There are tulips in Taipei!]


Move over cherry blossoms, there is a new darling in town.  The showy flowers of the tulips have been capturing the hearts of the Taiwanese from children to the young at heart.  How can you resist them?  They come in a variety of colors.  With a good weather during the Lunar New Year, visiting Shilin was a wise decision to spend the holidays.

I last saw these flowers in the Taipei Flower Test Center during the Camellia Festival and I didn't expect the city government to put up a bigger floral show dedicated to these beautiful flowers.  They were such a beauty!   The tulips festival started on Feb. 13 and will last until Feb. 28 so hurry before they are gone.

fringed tulip

Leen van der mark tulips

Jan van nes tulips

Stealing the show are the bulbous flowers of the hyacinth

Bees feast on the hyacinth flowers as they suck sweet nectar from them.

The tulips are displayed at the Shilin Official Residence.  How to get here?  Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Shilin Station.  From Exit 2, walk for 300 meters to reach the entrance of the park.  Continue walking until you reach the European garden.  You will see the flowers after passing by the Rose Garden.

white prince tulips

strong gold tulips

purple prince tulips

jumbo pink tulips

Chiang Kai-shek's former mansion and garden is not known to be a tulips hub in the city.  It was also the first time that a tulips festival is being held at the Shilin Official Residence.   I only know two floral festivals that take place in this park.  The first one is the Rose Garden Show which happens every April and the Chrysanthemum Festival which happens in November during the autumn season.  Both festivals have been covered before by the luomujie blog.

With the inclusion of the tulips festival in Taipei's calendar of endless activities, visiting the city during spring has become more attractive for local and foreign tourists.   So smile when you come to Shilin and enjoy the flowers while you take a selfie with them.  Post the pictures on social media and tell everyone about the good news.  Hey! Hey! Hey! There are tulips in Taipei!


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