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Kaohsiung Time and Space City (高雄時空之城) [Travel in Taiwan 170909: To see is to believe]

A sushi, a dragon, and a woman washing herself. There is only one place in Taiwan where you can find these sightings all at the same time. You cannot find this in Taipei but all the way to the south of Taiwan. As part of my #4yearsinTaiwan celebration, the luomujie blog takes you to this secret destination in Kaohsiung. It's a place that you have to use your imagination, creativity and your pair of eyes.

Time and Space City. This is a rooftop filled with 3D paintings. There are many places like these in Taiwan filled with 3D art but not as big as 1,200 ping area or almost 4,000 square meters. This is biggest that I have seen on the island and it really deserves to be featured on my travel website. There are just certain things that you need to know from how to get here and what to expect inside.

First, you need to register and schedule your visit online. Follow this link (https://goo.gl/bNxuTv) and use Google translate to fill in your personal details, email and contact number. On the reservation page, you can select the date and time that you want to see Time and Space City. After submitting your application, you will receive a reply via email about your request. It will be in Chinese so print this request to make your life easier.

LRT Dream Mall Station

Next is how to get to Kaohsiung. If you're from Taipei then you have to travel first to the island's biggest city in the south. There is a 24-hour bus service that travels back forth from Taipei to Kaohsiung and vice versa so going here is not a problem even if you can’t' afford the expensive High Speed Rail Ticket. Bus 1838 from Taipei Bus Station will take you to the Kaohsiung within four to five hours for a price of NTD 530. Once you arrive at Kaohsiung Station, board the MRT and alight Kaisyuan Station. Transfer to the LRT line and get off the train at the Dream Mall Station.

From the LRT Dream Mall Station, I crossed the road and walk towards the direction of the 85 Sky Tower.

The Ferris wheel of the Dream Mall is seen here on this photo.

The building of the Taisugar Logistics Park Kaohsiung

The NTD 50 ticket with attached discount vouchers

Within 250 meters from the LRT Dream Mall Station is the Taisugar Logistics Park Kaohsiung. It looks like a big ordinary office building. To confirm that I was in the right place. I showed my permit to the guards and then they let me enter the premises of the company. There is an information desk inside the lobby and I immediately showed my permit to the lady there. After the confirmation of my appointment, I was asked to pay NTD 50 for the entrance ticket.

The tour was presented in Chinese and I was the only Filipino in the group.

Aside from being a factory museum, you can also buy souvenirs for your loved ones here.

The discount coupons attached to the ticket helps to lure visitors to buy some products here like pineapple cakes.

I followed a group of tourists up to the sixth floor of the building where a tour guide awaits us. Time and Space City is owned by Sao Schumann which is a maker of bed sheets and pillow. To get to the 3D paintings, visitors must follow first the factory tour before being taken to the rooftop. Those interested to buy something can use the discount vouchers attached on the ticket.

Our tour guide gave some tips on taking pictures before he left.

To get the best 3D effect in your pictures, you have to find the right angle.

The end of the guided tour is the 3D artworks and one of the doors led to this big open space at the top of the building. When our guide left, I run immediately into the art installations so I can take my pictures without photobombers. Yehey!

That woman bathing in the pool. I imagined touching her soft skin. Haha! I have also been dreaming of dangerously standing on a top of a building and it had become a reality here in Time and Space City. Holding on while looking down, checking the photo that I got gave me creeps if it was really true.

How about a crocodile on a glass cage waiting for its prey? Other visitors tried to fit themselves at the back of animal as if they were also inside the cage. The animal's container was shaped like a cube but only at certain angles so visitors must find the right perspective to get the best memories of their trip.  Sit on the wall and spread your wings like an angel. Beside that mural was the head of Bumblebee and its car version. Look behind the Transformer and see a dragon egg that had already cracked. And oh! There were more dragons on the giant wall.

Beg for your life with the mighty Spartans, then ride the Kaohsiung LRT to become a sushi. These were some of the things that you can experience in Time and Space City. So open your eyes to a world that you have never seen. You really have to be in places like this. Hearsays are not enough because to see is to believe.

Kaohsiung Time and Space City
Address:  No. 4, Chenggong 2nd Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City, 806
Google Map

Registration link: https://goo.gl/bNxuTv

Registration cheat sheet
姓名: Name
聯絡電話: Contact telephone number
參訪人數: Number of visitors
參訪日期: Date of visit
預約時段: Appointment time
備註: Remarks

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