Hualien (花蓮) - Daylily (黃花菜) Season - Sixty Stone Mountain (六十石山) [Travel in Taiwan 170907: The Affair of Autumn and Summer] | Travel in Asia

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hualien (花蓮) - Daylily (黃花菜) Season - Sixty Stone Mountain (六十石山) [Travel in Taiwan 170907: The Affair of Autumn and Summer]


I know one love story in Taiwan. It's a romance between the two seasons of the year. A passion so deep that is boundless and repeats over time. There's a magical connection between these two beings even though they try to conquer one another. They look separated but actually just inches away from each other. During the last days of August and the beginning of September, they combine to become as one. They are Autumn and Summer. Our lovebirds in this great affair.

Summer's mood is always hot like the sun while Autumn is as cool as the wind. At those times when they fuse, the blistering heat of the sun suddenly disappears and the cool breeze of the wind replaces it slowly. They do these every year. Summer comes first and Autumn next. Then, they will wait another twelve months to meet again as husband and wife.

They had been married in the eyes of villagers in Hualien. With the moon as their wedding ring and the constellations of Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Cepheus, Scorpio, Hercules and Sagittarius as their witnesses, they made a vow in front of Mother Earth that they will always take care of each other. Autumn said, “I love you”. Summer replied, “I love you too”. 

The fusion of these two seasons gave birth to a flower that only blossoms in a day. The daylily. It’s a beautiful bloom! Now, the desire of anyone wishing to visit Taiwan from the middle of August to the first half of September. The arrangement of its petals resemble the stars in the night sky that guided their parents for their meetup. They cover the rolling hills of Fuli District to become a wonderland painted with an orange hue. 

A blessing from the unseen forces in Taiwan, the pledge of love between the two seasons of the year is a food for the mortals. The daylily isn't just an attractive flower but it’s also edible. Farmers pick the unopened buds to be dried under the sun and processed into a delicious snack. 

Sixty Stone Mountain. The love nest of our couple. It's nice to come here on a bright sunny day. But whenever our king and queen have a quarrel, a thick fog will suddenly come turning the whole place into an enchanted landed. It will hide the view of the mountains shrouding the hills in mystery. 

The fog will stay there until the anger of Summer has subsided. Autumn, on the other hand, will wait for the right time to hug her wife again. A few minutes, a few hours even up to the next day. Their love for each other is so strong that they will soon kiss again. This is the story of the two seasons of the year. This is the affair of Autumn and Summer.

1. Taiwan daylily season: Aug. 15 to Sept. 15 only

2. Best time to visit: Early September during full bloom.

3. How to get here from Taipei:

a. Option 1: Taipei City Hall Bus Station → Luodong Station → Hualien Station → Fuli Station → taxi

Buy the combo bus-train ticket (NTD 209) at Taipei City Hall Bus Station. Board Luodong Express Bus 1570 and then transfer to a train going to Hualien Station at Luodong Station. Board another train to Fuli Station then take a taxi.

b. Option 2: Taipei City Hall Bus Station → Luodong Station → Fuli Station → taxi
Board Bus 1570 at Taipei City Hall Bus Station. At Luodong Station, board an express train going to Fuli Station then transfer to a taxi.

• Option 1 is cheaper but takes a longer time. The good news is that many trains are running from Hualien Station to Fuli Station.
• Option 2 is faster but more expensive. However, there are fewer trains traveling from Luodong Station to Fuli Station.
• Roundtrip taxi fare from Fuli Station to Sixty Stone Mountain is NTD 1,400.

4.  How to get here from Fuli Station via tripool taxi
TRA Fuli Station -> tripool taxi scheduled ride -> enjoy the daylily flowers in Sixty Stone Mountain ->  tripool taxi scheduled ride  (You need to have a separate booking in the web app for the return trip) -> TRA Fuli Station

Book your private car via the tripool web app, one day before your trip (cut-off time at 6:00pm).  See the savings that you can get with tripool in the table below.

Table 1.  Fare comparison of a tripool taxi against a general taxi.  Destination: Sixty Stone Mountain
Pick-up pointDistancetravel timeGeneral taxi fare (deal offer)estimated tripool taxi fare
TRA Fuli Station15.5 km33 minsNTD 1,400*NTD 535**Book tripool now
*fixed roundtrip verbal fare offer of taxi drivers
**one-way trip for 2 passengers, total estimated roundtrip fare in tripool taxi is NTD 1,070
taxi time, shuttle price

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