How to go to Qingshui Cliff (清水断崖) - Xiaoqingshui (小清水) - Chongde Trail - Chongde Station (崇德車站) - Hualien (花蓮) - Taroko (太魯閣) Travel Series [Travel in Taiwan 170820: At my balcony] | Travel in Asia

How to go to Qingshui Cliff (清水断崖) - Xiaoqingshui (小清水) - Chongde Trail - Chongde Station (崇德車站) - Hualien (花蓮) - Taroko (太魯閣) Travel Series [Travel in Taiwan 170820: At my balcony]


Taiwan. My home. It’s paradise! Also, a land of dreams for those wishing to come here. Although underrated and often obscured by the influence of South Korea’s Hallyu wave and Japan’s anime world, my beloved island has a lot to offer. Taipei 101 is an international landmark and most tourists would stay in the capital. Others would go to the heart of Taiwan, all the way to Sun Moon Lake. If I have friends that will be coming to this country, I will take them to a special place in my home. To an area I can call as my own.

The observation deck at Xiaoqingshui

Qingshui cliffs. A myriad of happiness will fill your heart as you stand on one of the observation decks in Xiaoquingshui. Welcome to the most amazing sight in Taiwan! A rugged cliff standing mighty against the sea. 

A portion of the Suhua Highway while being repaired.

Running across its edge is Suhua Highway. A modern road that connects Yilan to Hualien, it is often blocked by rock falls during earthquakes. Tourist bus and private cars ran along the dangerous road. The vehicles here goes back and forth, ignoring the horror of what would possibly happen when Earth suddenly becomes angry.

Chongde Station

From the platform of Chongde Station, you can already see the Qingshui cliff but going to Xiaoqingshui will be an uphill climb.  There are no taxis here on this station so better get a cab at Xincheng Station.
On the side going to Yilan is Heren Station which marks the northern boundary of the Taroko National Park. To get to the next station, trains must travel approximately 11.5 kilometers southward to reach Chongde Station. It is an 8-minute journey in the train but takes almost three hours by foot. So if you want to come here, you have to board a taxi at Xincheng Station and then ask the cab driver to take you to Xiaoqingshui.

There are holes on the sides of the road tunnels which functions for air ventilation.  Going inside these opening will lead you into the open sea.

The old road built by the Japanese

Imagine cars passing by on this old Japanese road!
Tunnels. I had passed many of them. There is one beside Xiaoqingshui and another that will lead to Daqingshui. Running parallel with these tunnels is an old Japanese road. It has been built in the 1930s and served as the original highway when going to Hualien from Yilan. 

Risky and dangerous but marvelous. I imagined myself as the one who discovered of Taiwan as I stood at this ancient road. I was looking at the Pacific Ocean and its deep blue waters was so inviting. It's a temptation! A few more steps and I will say goodbye to my friends. Standing on the cliff while looking at the ocean, all I can say at that moment was “Ilha Formosa”.

To see a different view of the Qingshui cliff, go and check the Chongde Trail

The Chongde Trail is just a staircase...

... but at the end it will lead you to a platform near the beach.

The view at the far-end of Chongde Trail

Beautiful Taiwan! These words were uttered by the foreign invaders upon seeing Qingshui cliffs for the first time. How can you resist such beauty? You can only find at my home. On the eastern coast. At my balcony.

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