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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nanya Rock Formations (南雅奇石) [Travel in Taiwan 170812: Rock on!]


Imagine yourself driving a cabriolet on a seaside road called the Provincial Highway No. 2. You open the car’s roof and the wind starts to play with your hair. As you travel along the highway, you let your eyes gaze at the tall cliffs. Your ears listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. This rocky road on Taiwan's northeast coast never fails to amaze tourists. Yes, it is! From the famous Yehliu Geopark to the Dragon Caves in Longdong, there are lots of places in Taiwan that was driven by the forces of nature. Inspired by my love for geology, it’s time to add another place that will definitely rock your world.

Nanya Rocks! Bannered by the peculiar stone, it is the best representation of the geologic forces that shaped this place. When there are typhoons, giant waves hammer the coastline rounding the edges of big rocks. Strong earthquakes uplift the land revealing any secret that was kept hidden under the ocean for a very long time. Looking at these large stones is like gazing at the artwork of nature.

Most visitors come here with their own cars or sometimes in a private bus. Bundled with a guided tour in Jiufen, it's so easy to lure tourists for a package tour. For those wishing to enjoy more of their precious moments at the sea, board the Taiwan Tour Bus Golden Fulong Line at the Ruifang Station. During weekdays, the vehicle arrives every hour but during weekends when there are more tourists, the tour bus arrives every after 30 minutes.

Travel time to Nanya Ninxin Temple stop is less than 20 minutes. Hold on to your seats as when Bus 856 goes down to Shuinandong from Jinguashi. It would be a thrilling ride as it goes down on the winding “Snake Road”. Press the alight button when the bus is already running on the seaside. You do not want to bypass Nanya or else the vehicle would take you Bitou Cape.

Nanya Geologic Trail. From the bus stop, I crossed the other side of the Northern Coastal Highway to get near to the beach. There was no sand here but rather a rocky flat shoreline that has been slowly showing itself as the sea recedes at low tide. It was nice to see families enjoying their time here on a hot summer day. Fathers hold on to the hands of their young kids as they dip their feet into the shallow waters of the tidal flat.

At the end of the pathway were the rocks that rose from the sea. It was like going to Yehliu Geopark without the need to pay for a ticket. If you are coming from the highway then you have climb down the staircase. You are to going to meet other tourists who have already taken their selfies with the peculiar rock. It was good that there were lots of people in the area. They made the place tourist friendly. Unlike in Longdong Cape back in Travel in Taiwan 170702 (The Dragon's Lair), where there were few visitors and the rest were local fishermen. 

It was so tempting to climb above the sea cliff. I couldn't resist its allure so I walked towards it. Along the highway, I found a “secret passage” where it leads to a trail that ends at the edge of the cliff. It was actually so scary to stand here. After taking pictures of the scenic area, I immediately left the place.

Nanya Rocks definitely rocks because everything turned into gold during the sunset. The boulders, the cliff, and the stones all shone with help of the powerful rays of the sun. Truly, Nanya is a fascinating sight and it deserves a happy greeting by every visitor who comes to this place. So raise your hand once you're here, let your spirits go wild and get ready to rock on!

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