Kenting (墾丁) - Eulanbi Park (鵝鑾鼻公園) lighthouse - Southernmost point of Taiwan (臺灣最南點碑) [Travel in Taiwan 170529-31: Let's go to Kenting! Part 3 "The Edge of Taiwan"] | Travel in Asia

Kenting (墾丁) - Eulanbi Park (鵝鑾鼻公園) lighthouse - Southernmost point of Taiwan (臺灣最南點碑) [Travel in Taiwan 170529-31: Let's go to Kenting! Part 3 "The Edge of Taiwan"]


How much of Taiwan have you seen?  Up in the north of the island is its capital.  Taipei! The noise of the city in the day and its sparkling lights at night give life to a mighty concrete jungle.  Take a journey down to the west coast and you will encounter the provinces of Central Taiwan.  Its vast plains become disrupted at the heart of the island as it folds to form the tallest mountains in East Asia. The eastern side of Taiwan is an endless enchantment as it faces the giant waves of the Pacific Ocean. What about the south?   Of course, there is Kaohsiung and it is much like Taipei.  Busy and full of life.   But down to the southernmost tip of Taiwan is a totally different world. 

ticket office of Eulanbi Park

the ticket

Opening hours of Eulanbi Park

park map
Eulanbi lighthouse

The southermost point in Taiwan and the Batanes Group of Islands in the Philippines
Here, the blue sky looks down at the great seas that surround the island.  The sun, the sky, and the ocean meet at the horizon forming an illusion that there must be something out there far beyond than what the light of the Eulanbi lighthouse can reach.  Batanes! 

Coral rocks are so common in Eulanbi

A great metaphor greets anyone in Eulanbi who reaches the monument that marks the southernmost point of Taiwan.  It is a cone-shaped concrete with a flat side facing the western side of the island.  You cannot go beyond that point because it is forbidden.   Locals simply ignore the warning.  They carry with themselves long fishing rods.  They hop over the giant rocks that were once corals immersed deep below the Bashi Channel.   

Taiwan Strait as seen from Eulanbi Park

The mountains of the Kenting National Park as seen from Eulanbi

Looking at Bashi Channel from the southernmost point of Taiwan
Life is so simple in Eulanbi.  Even its park is marked with simplicity. An entrance fee of NTD 60 allowed me to get near to the lighthouse that served as the guardian of the sea.   It was visible from the mountains of the Kenting National Park, to the calm waters of the Taiwan Strait and to the crystal blue beauty of the Bashi Channel.  

selfie at the beach in the southernmost point of Taiwan.  Luo-Mu Jie,  Taiwan Strait, Bashi Channel and the Pacific Ocean in one great photo.

I was so happy when I took a selfie and behind me was the sea.  It was a job well done just like any other day in the office.  Standing here was a ritual with destiny.  To those who strive to work hard and continue to succeed in Taiwan, Eulanbi is the point of no return.  For those who call the island their second home, the southernmost point of the island is a reminder that the possibilities are endless.   Win or lose.  Life will always continue even if you reach the edge of Taiwan.


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