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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kenting (墾丁) Beach [Travel in Taiwan 170529-31: Let's go to Kenting! Part 2 - "Xiaowan (小灣)"]


This beach is known for its proximity to the town of Kenting. Xiaowan is the final stop of the Taiwan Tour Bus Kenting Express Shuttle route originating from the Zuoying HSR Station. Another public transportation option to get here is Bus 9188 that runs up to Eulanbi. The Kenting Express Blue and Orange Line also makes a stop at Xiaowan.

Xiaowan bus stop signs

looking at the town of Kenting from the bus stop

rocky portion of Xiaowan 

Xiaowan means small bay in English and its name describes its size as compared to Nanwan and Baisha. Its blue waters will mesmerize as you look at it from Nanwan Road. There is a wooden staircase leading to the beach and a bar with a live band at night. 

The signs on the beach say that waters sports activity are prohibited but to my surprise, I saw visitors rode at the back of jet skis for a thrilling ride of their life. Ask your travel agency or your hotel/hostel manager if you want to do water sports activities here.

.Convenient stores, souvenir shops, and swimming apparel can be bought at along the stores in Nanwan Road. As the sun sets, Kenting Street slowly transforms into a food capital in the southernmost tip of Taiwan. Guests staying at hotels/hostels near Xiaowan will discover that their chosen accommodation is of great value. 

Bus 9188 (HSR Zuoying Station ↔ Eulanbi) daily bus schedule
From HSR Zuoying Station: 0845/0945/1045/1145/1245/1345/1445/1545/1645/1745/1845/1945/2045/2145
From Eulanbi: 0610/0720/0830/0930/1030/1130/1230/1330/1430/1530/1630/1730/1800/1900

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