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Taichung (台中) Special - Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) [Taiwan Day 813: Great Expectations Finale “A Night with Fengjia” - Nov. 22, 2015]

Who is Fengjia? Many visitors in Taichung knew her. She is really lovely and any man would really make an effort just to see her. It would take almost an hour just to see her place and seeing her was worth it for the finale of my “Great Expectations”. She was tasty and delicious and I was craving for more.

I didn't brought any flower nor any chocolates for her. I just have my digicam and my tripod to surprise her. She lives near the Fengjia University and I got more curious about her. Students must have her companions during the day and at night as the market becomes more alive she must be with tourists. Shopping has been her hobby since a lot of shops abound the street selling clothes and shoes. If I only have much time I would buy her stuff that she wanted. It would become a sequal to my “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in Taiwan Day 771.

She accompanied me as I wander in her place called the Fengjia Night Market. I followed her in the street full of food and I took a video of her as she walked. One by one delicious foods appeared on my sight making me more hungry. A very large fried chicken steak was being sold on one stall and I was given a small piece of paper for the electronic queue. When my chicken steak was cooked, I was surprised that it was really big and thick. 

It was the biggest chicken steak I ever had in Taiwan. It was cut into smaller pieces and I used a small stick to eat the food. But even before I placed a small piece of the chicken steak into my mouth Fengjia held my hand and pulled me to an alley in the night market. She brought me to a stall selling sausages. Ah! I remembered my Ita Thao food trip in Taiwan Day 798 (Food from the Thao). The smell of the sausages being cooked over charcoal brought back the memories of my Sun Moon Lake Special.

Near the sausage stall was another barbeque stand but it was not very obvious. A man was selling grilled corn and I got curious on how it was cooked. They used an equipment that makes it easy for them to grill many corns at the same time. I got intrigued and bought the one with the classic flavor. It was very tasty and it must be the reason why I saw many people holding a stick of grilled corn in Fengjia Night Market.

I already sipped some of the watermelon juice but it was full when given to me by the seller.
While I finished my food I noticed that Fengjia was no longer by my side. I searched for her in the entire night market but I couldn't find her. Until I found a group of people going crazy for a juice stand. They were lining up for the cheapest watermelon juice in town. For only NTD 15 you can have a 500cc of fresh watermelon juice. I bought the 1000cc glass for NTD 30 and I didn't expect it would be that very big. It's the biggest and cheapest fruit juice I ever had in Taiwan. Normally, a fruit juice in a 500cc plastic glass would cost NTD 35 to NTD 40 so the watermelon juice in Fengjia Night Market could be the cheapest in the entire island of Taiwan.

How to go to Fengjia Night Market? Just ride Bus 5,8,25,29 and 35 and alight at Feng Chia University

I was already done eating all of my food but I couldn't still find Fengjia. It was already 7:30pm and I have to leave the night market or else I might not be able to catch the bus going back to Taipei in Taichung Station. Standing on the bus stop, I finally saw Fengjia on the other side of the road. She was waving her hands as a way to say goodbye and I sent a flying kiss in return. Thank you for your time Fengjia. I really enjoyed your night market.
The food trip in Fengjia Night Market ended my two day tour in Taichung but the big question still remains. Did Taichung met my “Great Expectations”? Well, it's a big yes. The Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and the 921 Earthquake Museum were great off the beaten path while Fengjia Night Market surprised me with its cheap foods given in large servings. Many got amazed with the beauty of the 2015 Xinshe Sea of Flowers and that flower festival was the real winner of this Central Taiwan trip. Taichung did not just met the requirements for a great trip. It has even exceeded my 'Great Expectations'.

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