Yunlin (雲林) Special - How to go to Yunlin - Yuanshun Sesame Tourist Factory(源順芝麻觀光油廠) [Taiwan Day 833: "Yunlin, I Choose You!" Part 1 “Catching Yunlin” - Dec. 12, 2015] | luomujie blogspot

Yunlin (雲林) Special - How to go to Yunlin - Yuanshun Sesame Tourist Factory(源順芝麻觀光油廠) [Taiwan Day 833: "Yunlin, I Choose You!" Part 1 “Catching Yunlin” - Dec. 12, 2015]

ABSTRACT: If the provinces in Central Taiwan are pokemons then I have collected most of them. Miaoli, Taichung, Sun Moon Lake in Nantou and Changhua and only one remains. Yunlin! It it is not an ordinary pokemon but a rare one. I checked my travel database and there was little information about it. Will I be able to catch it? Follow my journey as I go and catch Yunlin touring its factories, meeting colorful puppets, and drooling over delicious looking cake towels. A tour in Beigang was heavenly with an encounter with the town's goddess while a bountiful feast on its old town will always be remembered by my taste buds. The four hours of travel time back to Taipei was worth it as I succeeded in getting the rare pokemon. So prepare yourselves everyone as I unleash what I captured in Central Taiwan, “Yunlin, I Choose You!”.

It was 12°C in Taipei when I boarded Bus 1633 going to Beigang in Yunlin. It was raining making the temperature fell much colder. I slept in the bus until I was awakened by the rays of the morning sun. It was sunny in Central Taiwan with a cool wind making my attire at least appropriate for the day. Life in Beigang town looks simple and far away from the fast lives of people living in Taipei. I looked first for the Visitor Information Center to gather some maps and travel pamphlets to make my trip more efficient. There was not much information about Yunlin in the website for tourist spots in Taiwan and even my travel plan was far from being 50% complete. It was a good thing that I was able to gather a lot of pamphlets from the center and I was so surprised that there were a lot of places to see in Yunlin prompting me to reschedule my tour in Beigang town the following day.

Yunlin is an agricultural province and I saw a lot of rice fields along the highway as I was still inside the bus. The scenery is very different from Yilan and I guessed that rice is not being planted in those empty fields but other vegetables. Around these fields are destinations which are interesting to visit which are accessible by two routes of the Taiwan Tour Bus Lines and they are the Beigang-Huwei Route and the Douliu-Gukeng Route. After my assessment of Beigang town I waited for the Beigang-Huwei Bus which circles around Yunlin. This bus line is so special because there is only one bus for the whole day and it starts and ends at the same point which is the train station of Douliu.

Bus 7124 goes to Beigang from Douliu Station

The Taiwan Tour Bus stop in Beigang is located along Yimin Road

The Beigang-Huwei Shuttle Bus leaves Douliu Station at 10:30am and then it will reach Beigang at 11:00am giving visitors only two hours to explore the the old town. I believed that two hours will not be enough to explore the town. There are numerous shops in Beigang and the Wude Temple is far away from the town center. The one-day tickets cost NTD 150 and must be bought at the Douliu Station but the kind English speaking driver asked me to pay only NTD 120 since Beigang was the starting point of my trip instead of Douliu Station. I was given no ticket but I already got the idea what the bus driver told me.

God-Bene Sesame Museum was the next stop and visitors enjoyed learning the various processes before sesame oil is produced and sold in the market. The Yuanshun company which owns the factory museum have deep roots in this industry during the Qing Dynasty and in today's modern times the company grew to be one of the leading producers of sesame oil in Taiwan with the highest quality. As expected the displays would be in Chinese with an English translation enabling foreigners to understand the displays. They also have a shop where visitors can buy sesame oil and other products. Riders of the Taiwan Tour Bus were only given 30 minutes to explore the factory museum and the bus left when everyone was already inside. After 15 minutes, we arrived at Yunlin's most important attraction. (To be continued...)

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