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Monday, November 23, 2015

Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival (新社花海) [Taiwan Day 813: Great Expectations Part 3 “Help! I'm Drowning in a Sea of Flowers” - Nov. 22, 2015]


Xinshe Sea of Flowers: every November

Flower festivals had always been part of my Taiwan Day Adventures. From my first flower festival experience in Taiwan Day 127 (As the New Year Blossoms) to the beautiful roses of Madame Chiang in Taiwan Day 581 (Roses are...) they are sure winners for my followers whether the accompanying travelogue was good or not. Add all the flower festivals in Taiwan including the different cherry blossom festivals during spring and they would not even match the flower festival in Taichung. They would just drown in the middle of a sea of flowers in a place in Taichung called Xinshe.

Xinshe District lies within the mountainous areas of Taichung. Its location is perfect for growing flowers under the warm weather of Central Taiwan during autumn. The flower festival is called the “Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival” due to the vast fields of flowers that bloom across the Xinshe plateau. Imagine rice fields being planted with flowers instead of rice and you would get the idea of a 'Xinshe Sea of Flowers'. It's an annual event that is visited by millions of visitors and I was on of them together with Travel Buddy Kiran. The festival started in November 7 and would last for one month.

How to get to Xinshe? I asked the Visitor Information Center and we were advised to board a train going to Fengyuan Station. We then transferred to Bus 91 which was made as a special bus during the whole period of the flower festival. After 40 minutes, the driver asked all the passengers to alight and transfer to another bus which took us to the Xinshe plateau. We just followed our fellow Taiwanese passengers and we never got lost. As the bus goes in a zigzag road, I have noticed that we were going higher and higher until the land became flat again with different vegetables planted in fields.

Private cars, public buses and tourist buses head towards the location of the festival making the roads a traffic hell. Nevertheless, we reached the place with the amusement of our fellow passengers as we saw flowers swaying gracefully against the wind. Everybody was so excited while still inside the bus and as the bus came to full stop everyone stood up wanting to get out immediately. I just didn't expect that there would be too many people for this flower festival. Taiwanese and foreigners like Thai and fellow Filipinos were there to take photos.

inside the heart

Travel Buddy "Kiran"

The field of pink cosmos flowers were the winners for me. I walked along its field and Kiran took a photo of me from a distance. It was an unforgettable experience to “swim” in a sea flowers and I have never experienced this in the Philippines. After I have taken Kiran's photo in the middle of the pink cosmos flowers, a Taiwanese lady suddenly came and shouted at all the visitors walking in the fields. Blah! Blah! Blah! She was telling that all the visitors to stop walking in the middle of the flower fields and that the act was prohibited. Haha! We were already done and we successfully accomplished our mission. 

inside the biotech pavilion

The whole Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival covers an area of more than 50 hectares and it's impossible to see all the flowers for a half-day. Aside from that, you get easily tired if it's a sunny day. Actually I was already tired walking for 4 hours but my Travel Buddy Kiran wants to see more of the flower festival. I had a terrible experience before during the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival and I don't want that to happen again. I'm afraid of the mass exodus of the visitors to take the public buses back to the train station at the closing time of the event so I left the flower festival around 4pm. I was also in a hurry to leave because I have to see Fengjia and she was waiting for me. (To be continued...)

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