921 Earthquake Museum (國立自然科學博物館九二一地震教育園區) - Miyahara (宮原眼科) - Yizhong Night Market (一中夜市)) [Taiwan Day 812: Great Expectations Part 2 “Shake, shake, shake” – Nov. 21, 2015] | luomujie blogspot

921 Earthquake Museum (國立自然科學博物館九二一地震教育園區) - Miyahara (宮原眼科) - Yizhong Night Market (一中夜市)) [Taiwan Day 812: Great Expectations Part 2 “Shake, shake, shake” – Nov. 21, 2015]

The face that we saw on the stone refers to the Stone Duke but there was no further information that I got from my research. Most of the descriptions in the site were Chinese making it difficult for foreigners to understand the symbolisms and meanings of the historic relics. Kiran and I decided to leave the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion Kiran after getting a lot of photos and we boarded Bus 50 that goes directly to the 921 Earthquake Museum. Yes! You read it right. An earthquake museum that will shake your world. A magnitude 7.3 rocked Taiwan on September 21, 1999 with the epicenter in Central Taiwan. The earthquake was so strong that many aftershocks of magnitude greater than 5 were felt across the island. There were damages to life and property and the 921 Earthquake Museum was built to remember that day that changed Taiwan forever. Every Filipino should read this post. Metro Manila is waiting for the coming of the 'Big One' with a strength similar to Taiwan's Earthquake. Everybody will be shaken when the 'great expectation' comes to life.

Preserved bent Jiji Line railroad track.

Behind the glass wall is the fault line!

Regular tickets cost NTD 50 and since we presented our student IDs we only paid NTD 30. The location of the museum was originally a school that was heavily damaged by the earthquake. A fault line is situated under the school's track and field and it caused an uplift on two areas. The uplifted race track is now one of the attractions of the museum. Other attractions include a preserved damaged school building and bent railroad tracks of the Jiji Line. Inside the museum, one can learn many things about the tectonics of the island of Taiwan. The Philippine Plate pushing against the China plate created the high mountains of Taiwan. With every push of the Philippine plate, the island of Taiwan crumples forming tall mountains. It is just simple to say that Taiwan is a 'floating island' above a sea of molten lava. 

The railroad tracks of the Jiji Line after the magnitude 7.3 earthquake.

Photos of the damages of the 921 Earthquake were displayed inside the museum and I noticed that houses, buildings and structures built on top of the fault were heavily damaged or even destroyed completely. So if your home stands directly above a fault line and you hesitate to relocate. Think again. You have just booked your one-way ticket to hell! 

Another interesting feature in the museum was a portion of the Chelungpu fault line that was inside 921 Earthquake Museum which was dug and displayed inside. Sit back and listen as an instructor gave a lecture about the fault line that caused that magnitude 7.3 earthquake. It's amazing how Taiwan created this museum on top of a fault line but that made me wondered again. If there would be a strong earthquake and it destroyed the 921 Earthquake Museum, will Taiwan built another earthquake museum for the damaged 921 Earthquake Museum? Haha!

3D movie theater

Aside from the outdoor and indoor installations that will tickle your minds about ground shaking there were also movie theaters to enjoy. Kids would love the 3D animated movie about a city devastated by an earthquake. There was also the earthquake theater which simulates the strong earthquake in 1999. The earthquake theater doesn't look like a movie house but rather it looks live a living room with a soft carpet which was nice to sat on. The room became dark and a film was shown on what happened on the day before the earthquake. A few minutes later, the room began to shake like a strong and powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Taiwan again. Imagine if that would happen in real life. That would be too scary!
We boarded Bus 50 from the 921 Earthquake Museum to reach Taichung Station.

After learning so many things about earthquakes, we decided to go back to Taichung Station and started looking for our hostel. The trip from Wufeng to Taichung Station took 1 hour and at the train station we transferred to Bus 5 which took again 1 hour until we reached the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi were the Precioso Hostel can be easily located. Our stay at Precioso Hostel was not good and I could say that it was the worst hostel that I went to. The owner was just interested in getting money from the guests. As an expert traveller in Taiwan, I know what separates an excellent hostel from a mediocre one. 

Entrance of Miyahara

Miyahara is just walking distance from Taichung Station

exploring Yizhong Night Market

Buses 35, 41, 70, 71, 100 and 102 goes to this night market.

funny way to sell barbeque

a street performer

Kiran and I were so hungry and after leaving our bags in the hostel we decided for a night market tour in the busy streets of Taichung. We went back to Taichung Station and we found ourselves in the former Miyahara Eye Clinic which is now an ice cream store before heading to Yizhong Night Market for a bounty feast. Rest was badly needed for our tired bodies as we planned to swim in a sea of flowers for the following day. (To be continued...)

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