Strawberry Picking in Dahu (大湖),Miaoli (苗栗) - Dahu Wineland Resort (大湖酒莊) [Taiwan Day 490: Who wants strawberries? - Jan. 3, 2015] | luomujie blogspot

Strawberry Picking in Dahu (大湖),Miaoli (苗栗) - Dahu Wineland Resort (大湖酒莊) [Taiwan Day 490: Who wants strawberries? - Jan. 3, 2015]

A new year had begun and another travel year had just started for Luo-Mu Jie. Discovering interesting new places to visit in Taiwan is always a challenge for me and Central Taiwan is the best place to be in 2015. I want to have my first weekend adventure this New Year to be something new and something fresh and picking strawberries is the best way to do it. 

The local train ticket from Nangang to Miaoli. I live in Nangang and that is the reason for starting in this place in Taipei.  Most people who would like to pick strawberries in Dahu, Miaoli would probably board the train from Taipei Main Station.  

The strawberry capital of Taiwan is in Dahu Township in Miaoli County. I went there together with my Travel Buddy Mavis (Zimbabwean) aka Fisoliya. We boarded the first train going to Miaoli Station from Nangang Station at 4:45am. The train ride took 2 hours and a half. We then transferred to Bus 5656 which is bound to Dahu. The bus was operated by Hsinchu Bus and it left at 7:30am.

I planned everything for this trip so I knew where to alight. I pressed the stop button of the bus at Wenquankou stop. We then walked for 15 to 20 minutes in the direction going to Tai'an Hot Springs until we found Chun Hsiang Strawberry Farm. A kind lady immediately gave us a tray basket and told us which lot to pick our strawberries. We have lots of fun while picking the strawberries. We picked the strawberries by cutting the stem of the fruit and while picking I smelled its sweet odor. 

We were interviewed by the kind lady and her assistant. She asked us where we came from and how did we knew about the place. I told her that I got the information from the internet. Her assistant even offered us a free coffee. Other bloggers who have been to the farm advised people to go the strawberry farm very early. It is because if you arrived late the big ones would have already been picked.

My fellow bloggers were right! After my Travel Buddy and I were done with the strawberry picking, private cars started to arrive and parents with their children came out to do their own strawberry picking. But they only got few ripe strawberries. Why? We already got them and they were already in our strawberry boxes. haha!

After our fun experience at Chun Hsiang Strawberry Farm, we walked back to the main road until Mavis noticed another strawberry farm with some planted Chinese cabbage. She talked to a lady and while Mavis was choosing the right cabbage I arranged my tripod and camera for a scenic shot and I then ran and made a pose along the strawberry field. Yeh!

Our next destination was the Dahu Wineland Resort and we boarded Bus 5656 again. It was the best place to look for strawberry products. Strawberry jams, cakes, mochis, wines and many more can be found inside the reddish building adorned with a giant strawberry statue. I tried the strawberry glazed sausage and it was very sweet. I also bought a large strawberry ice cream and it was so yummy. 

We then went back to Taipei and I immediately shared the strawberries with my friends and past Travel Buddies in the dorm. I shared with them my sweet memories in Dahu. I believe this will bring me a lucky and fruitful 2015. 

But I still have a few strawberries left. Do you want some? Who wants strawberries?

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  1. hello, can i ask, did you have to pay for the strawberries, if yes how much?

    1. Yes, it depends on how much strawberries you got. I paid NTD 800 for my big box of strawberries. It was a bit expensive but the experience of picking your own strawberries was unforgettable.


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