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Former British Consulate in Tamsui (原英國領事官邸)

Once upon a time there was a kingdom wishing to expand and conquer new lands. It found its way to a beautiful island in the Pacific and established a base near the mouth of a river. People from other kingdoms also conquered the same beautiful island. Troops were sent, canyons were fired and lives were lost. This is Taiwan’s own version of Game of Thrones.

I went again to Dànshuǐ (淡水)[English: Tamsui] [Filipino: dan-shwey]. The last time I was here was in Taiwan Day 50 (Fifty First Dates) where I met three Filipinos who I do not know personally. I just met them randomly while waiting for a speedboat ride. I didn’t meet any new Filipino in this Taiwan Day Adventure but I can say that this tourist spot can be mistaken to be a Philippine tourist spot. Its name is Fort San Domingo and it’s a Spanish base established in 1629 in the Tamsui River.

Fort San Domingo

model of Fort San Domingo

at the dungeon of Fort San Domingo

a statue of a prisoner waiting to be executed by firing squad

The flags in Fort San Domingo are those from the kingdoms or nations which ruled the Tamsui area starting from Spain to the present ROC government.


The Japanese wants to invade the island of Luzon so the Spaniards made a base in Taiwan to stop any planned Japanese invasion in the Philippines. The Dutch battled with the Spaniards and gained control over the area. Later, the British established a consulate in Taiwan and made a Victorian era inspired house beside Fort San Domingo. 

a model of a galleon ship

Tamsui river with Mt. Guanyin at the background

The Former British Consulate in Tamsui is just beside the Fort San Domingo.

model of the Former British Consulate in Tamsui

How to fire a canyon

Tamsui River can be seen from the veranda of the Former British Consulate.

I went inside the Former British Consulate.

I just imagined galleons docked in Tamsui River bringing along merchants from the other side of the world. Sitting in the veranda of the British Consulate Residence one can see Mt. Guanyin and the peaceful waters of Tamsui River. 

Taiwan and the Philippines have a common history at least and it’s amazing how Taiwan preserved this historic site. Fort San Domingo is a common scenic spot in the Taipei Metro Tourist Map and it can be reached by the Tamsui MRT Station and then taking Bus R26 to Fort San Domingo stop.

The Spaniards, Dutch, British and the Japanese. Don’t also forget China’s Qing Dynasty and the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan who are the original settlers of the island. They are all part of Tamsui’s history. They are all characters in Taiwan’s Game of Thrones.


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