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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Modern Toilet Restaurant (便所主題餐廳) [Taiwan Day 279: Edible Excretions - June 6, 2014]


Modern Toilet is a theme restaurant located in Taiwan where one can experience eating food in a toilet bowl and drinking juice in a urinal. 

It was a Friday night and it was a perfect time for a get-together and eat 'feces'.

I've read many blogs and reviews about this restaurant and most people go to the Ximending branch which can be easily be reached by the Bannan Line of the Taipei MRT. To have guaranteed seats one has to make a reservation by phone or by posting a message in the Modern Toilet website on what day, time, branch and the number of people who will eat in the restaurant.

We went to the Shilin branch since that place is less crowded. The Shilin branch is just near to the Shilin Night Market which I visited in Taiwan Day 42. 

Bath tubs covered by glass served as the tables while real toilet bowls act as chairs. The toilet bowls have different decorations on the toilet lid and my most favorite was the 'barb wires' design. There were also shower heads and faucets on the walls. I guessed that they are real and functioning. Haha! But no one dared to use them. 

If you need tissue, it's not a problem! You just have to pull the tissue in a roll dispenser placed in the walls just like what we do inside a toilet.

The menu is written in Chinese and English but the English translation of the food names are not funny. Only the Chinese names are the ones fun to read with. My Taiwanese classmate explained to me the names of the desserts. He told us that the chocolate flavor is the 'diarrhea poo', the strawberry flavor is the 'bloody poo', while the kiwi flavor is the 'green poo'. There is also a mango flavor dessert which I ordered and it was the 'yellow poo'.

I was able to finish my chicken meal which was placed in a black shining toilet bowl. I didn't eat the parts that only contains the skin of the chicken. It remained on my plate toilet bowl plate after finishing my meal. It made my mind to imagine floating 'feces'.

Some friends ordered pasta which were placed in a white ceramic bathroom sink plate while another one ordered a 'hot pot' served in a green toilet bowl. I was the only one who ordered a big mango dessert and it was very tasty. It was a shaved ice mango mixed with some coconut meat with a chocolate poo ice cream on top . Others only ordered the chocolate poo ice cream.

The interesting thing was that the desserts were placed in a toilet seat and funny things happened when the ice melted. The melted chocolate desserts looks like the 'real thing'! 

There are other theme restaurants in Taiwan and I wish to visit them someday as part of my Taiwan Day Adventures.

If you have plans of going to Taipei, Modern Toilet is a must to visit! It will give you the chance to eat and taste those 'edible excretions'.


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