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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taiwan Day 7: Carrefour and Laundry Day - Sept. 7, 2013


Jake and I went to Carrefour to buy my needed paraphernalia to survive in Taiwan. We took Bus 205. The fare was NTD 12 but I paid NTD 15 because I don't have one taiwan dollar coins in my pocket. We drop off near Nankang District Administration Center. Carrefour is much like SM Hypermart in the Philippines. You can buy food, plastic products and even electronic accessories. It's all-in-one shop for me. The total cost of my stuff cost around NTD 1,500. After paying the bill, Jake told me that there is no bagger and I should be the one to pack my stuff inside a bag. Good thing I brought an SM Ecobag with me during my trip from Clark to Taipei. I just find it weird that the shopper is also the bagger. You even have to go to a corner or somewhere else to pack you stuff as the cashier will entertain the next shopper. We went back to the dorm by riding again Bus 205, but I still paid NTD 15. I also have my first scoop of Milo in Taiwan. Unlike in the Philippines that we have Milo sachets. Here in Taiwan, they don't. You can only buy cans of Milo in Taiwan. Since it's a weekend, I have to do my first laundry in Taiwan. I asked the help of Jake, to instruct me how to use the laundry and dryer vending machines in the dorm. Each use of the machines cause NTD 10. As the standard practice in washing our clothes, I separated the white ones from the colored ones. Each run in the washing machine last for 32 minutes while for the dryer it was 40 minutes. I also went to the 6th floor of the dorm to see the "sampayan ng bayan". I have a descent view of the Nankang district but I did not fully appreciate it because of a condo building beside the dorm that is currently being built and it is blocking the view. I also connected the internet cable wire that I bought from Carrefour to the internet outlet and to my laptop. There is public wifi in the form but connecting my laptop via the internet cable wire, I will be able to access and download scientific articles in journals such as Nature. I was supposed to go to the gym to have my very first workout in Taiwan at 8pm but I was invited by fellow Filipinos to join them in a dinner party. I have already eaten my dinner but I just find their food so tempting to eat that I decided to stay there and eat. After the dinner, the group transferred to a couch in the lobby and talked about different things in life. It was already 12 midnight when the party was over.

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