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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Taiwan Day 8: Sunny sunday in Taipei Main Station - Sept. 8, 2013


It was a hot and sunny Sunday in Taipei. I was suprised when I woke up that it was already 10:19am. As usual I bought two sandwiches for my breakfast. I just ate one and then reserve the other since in just 100 minutes it will be lunch time. I went out of the dorm to eat in my favorite taiwanese "turo-turo". Unfortunately, they are closed. Here in Taiwan, normal opening hours (Monday to Friday) of "turo-turo" restaurants are between 11am-2pm for lunch and 5-7pm for dinner. Beyond those time the restaurants are closed. This is their way of life and I have to deal with it. But not all restaurants are closed. There are some that are open. Thank God, one is near the dorm. It is called KLG, the logo is a spoof of KFC and just like KFC they sell chicken. Their menu is written in Chinese but they have an English version in a cardboard. I ordered fried chicken steak and it cost NTD 65. My budget for lunch is NTD 50 but I don't have any choice but to eat here. I just have to make some adjustments during the weekends so that I will not overshoot in my budget plan. I thought the chicken was small but I was wrong. It was big and delicious. I was the one who surrendered eating that chicken. I just realized that KLG is the Mang Inasal of Taiwan for my protein needs after my workout.

In the afternoon, I decided to visit Taipei Main Station. I rode Bus 212 and I get off at Taipei Main Station. Unlike my first few days in Taipei, this is my first time that I rode a bus alone. Usually I have a senior student tour guide or have the help of a fellow Filipino. I was first nervous that I will get lost in Taipei because the LED screen flashing the bus stops are not in English but in Chinese. Good thing I have with me my Taipei Metro Tourist Map. I just realized that the route the bus was taking was parallel to the MRT Blue line. I was able to keep track my location by looking outside the bus and finding the MRT exits. The MRT exits have large signs telling what MRT station it is, so I never got lost. Taipei Main Station is considered as the heart of Taipei City becuase this where the MRT Red line and MRT blue line cross each other. Aside from that, it is also a station of the Taiwan's bullet train, the THSR or the Taiwan High Speed Rail. It is also station of the TRA or Taiwan Railway Administration. In addition, it is also a major bus station, as almost all buses have a stop at the Taipei Main Station. I walk around the station to familiarize my self with this major transport hub. One of my Filipino friends said that Taipei Main Station is very tricky and you will easily get lost. At first I was hesitant to accept that information, so I decided to go there for me to believe. I walked around the station and it is connected to many underground malls. I visited the Taipei City Mall as well as the K Mall, there is another underground mall that I have not checked but I am already too tired walking. As I find my way back to the main exit of Taipei Main Station, I saw a store with a Philippine flag in its store sign. The store is called EEC and it sells products from Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. Since my colgate is running out and I am looking form Master Eskinol and Gatsby gel which I could not find in 7-eleven, Hi-mart and Family Life here in Taiwan I decided to buy some stuff there. I could not find any Master Eskinol. I just bought the ordinary Eskinol with a beatiful woman in its label. I dont't have any choice but I think it will do the same work as what Master Eskinol can do. 

It is true that I really got lost in Taipei Main Station. After finding the exit, I cross the street and it was already 6pm. Neon lights are already shining in different buildings as Taipei shows its true beauty. The streets near Taipei Main Station have so much offer and I will just go there some other time. I decided to go home and wait for Bus 212. Total cost of my travel cost NTD 30. My stuff from EEC cost NTD 211 with the 225 ml Eskinol as NTD 60.

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