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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taiwan Day 23: ARC and Bank Account - Sept. 23, 2013


I just got my Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) last Monday! With my ARC, I can now leave and re-enter Taiwan without the need of a visa. Haha! I'm now studying and living legally in Taiwan! As suggested by my classmates in the Chinese class, that I can now open my bank account at the postal bank in Academia Sinica. I hurriedly went there to open an account, but to my surprise all forms are in Chinese! The lady at the counter who I am talking with said this "You don't speak Chinese? The forms are in Chinese. I can't help you!" They gave me different forms that are printed with Chinese characters. Sigh! I decided to go to the TIGP Bioinformatics office to ask the help of the beautiful program secretary to fill-up the form for me. She informed me that I need a "stamp" to open a bank account. I was informed by my Filipino friend that the "stamp" is a form of signature so that I can withdraw money using the passbook from other branches of the postal bank. I was not able to open a bank account on that day. I was told by the program secretary to wait for my other international friends to get their ARC so that we can have our "stamp" altogether and open our bank accounts with her guidance. What's the purpose of the bank account? This is where my monthly stipend will be deposited.

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