Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180117: Taipei 101 - The first flowers]

An unexpected news! The early appearance of the cherry blossoms in Xinyi District caught many by surprise.   Located near to the MRT Taipei City Hall Station is a group of sakura trees, they were standing there without leaves until the news spread like wildfire.

Whether the flowers are many or just a few blossoms became my task, so I went immediately to the intersection of Songgao Road and Songzhi Road to check them.  A tall tree can be seen with its flowers wide open with a few buds that are just waiting for the right time.  Not far from where the trees are planted is Taipei 101, Taiwan’s top attraction in the city.

For the past two years, it was always cloudy here in Xinyi District when the flowers are in full bloom.  But with the sunny sky above Xinyi, it was a perfect day for cherry blossom viewing.  It was very rare to see the flowers in their pink color while being illuminated by the light of the sun.

I was expecting to see the flowers in February.  Last year, they blossomed late.  This was probably due to the delayed arrival of the northeast monsoon.   In order for the flowers to open, the cherry blossoms need a cold weather aside from other factors like soil pH, wind direction, and sunlight.    Without the right conditions, the flowers would stay as buds until the right time comes.

Their early blossoming in January means one thing.  The winter season for 2017-2018 was colder than the previous year and the sakura trees in the city and in the mountains of Yangmingshan will produce more flowers than the past two years.

I will be monitoring the situation of the cherry blossoms in Xinyi District until they approach their peak period.  The trees here plus the ones beside Taipei City Hall are worth to see.  Once they come out at the same time, they will be a visual treat for everyone to enjoy. 

How to get here:  Board the Taipei MRT to Taipei City Hall Station.   Go to Exit 2 via the escalators and get out of the Taipei City Hall Bus Station into the direction of Taipei 101.  The cherry blossoms are located at the intersection of Songgao Road and Songzhi Road. 

GPS: 25.038798, 121.565714

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