Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival (阿里山櫻花季) - Tokyo sakura - 2017 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan 170403: Alishan Gou Hotel (阿里山閣大飯店)]

This is a hotel 200 meters from Zhaoping Station. Beside it are young trees of Tokyo cherry blossoms. There is also a big tree with sakura-looking flowers. Locals say that they are cherry blossoms but of a different type.

GPS: 23.516122, 120.814528

How to get here: 
a. Board the train of the Alishan Forest railway towards Zhaoping Station. Walk towards the hotel. 

b. From the Alishan Visitor Information Center, board the shuttle bus going to Zhaoping Station. The bus stop is approximately 300 meters from the hotel.

Tokyo cherry


According to locals, these flowers are yinghua or cherry blossoms.

They really look like the Tokyo cherry blossoms.

Look at those clouds!

Nice weather on a cold spring day in Alishan. Yeah!

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"Taipei kong mahal" (My beloved Taipei). Catch it every Wednesday at 8:00 pm (Taiwan/Philippine time)

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