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NTD 600 per head Gaomei Wetlands + Houli Farm + Xinshe Castle + Rainbow Village [Ask Luo-Mu Jie]


Dear Luo-Mu Jie,

Hi! Just me call "Dani girl" and I'm an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) here in Taichung. I just want to know, is it possible to have a private tour and visit Gaomei Wetlands, Xinshe Castle, Houli Flower Farm and Rainbow Village in one day for only NTD 600?


No Dani girl! NTD 600 is way too cheap that taxi or even private car drivers will be losing money instead of earning. The cheapest that I know is NTD 797 per person and that is via tripool taxi (web app: https://www.tripool.app/?utm_source=luomuji). And if and only if you will bring with you, your daughter Marga, Carlos, Savannah, your Ninang and at least 3 of your yayas. I know you don't want Romina and Cassie to join the trip so that makes a total of 8 people (Marga+Carlos+Savannah+Ninang+3 yayas+you). Haha!

Look at the table below to see the prices for each pick-up point-drop-off point.

Suggested tripool taxi itinerary of 8 people for Gaomei Wetlands, Xinshe Castle, Houli Flower Farm and Rainbow Village. If you want to follow this itinerary, you should make separate bookings in the tripool web app for each pick-up point - drop-off point pair.

tripool taxi web app: https://www.tripool.app/?utm_source=luomuji
Pick-up pointDestinationEstimated fareSuggested pick-up time
TRA Taichung StationXinshe CastleNTD 1,3809:00 am to 9:30 am
Xinshe CastleRainbow Military Dependents` Village
(Rainbow Village)
NTD 1,45711:30 am to 12:00 noon
Rainbow Military Dependents` Village
(Rainbow Village)
Chungshe Tourism Flower Market
(Houli Flower Farm)
NTD 1,2641:30 pm to 2:00 pm
Chungshe Tourism Flower Market
(Houli Flower Farm)
Gaomei WetlandsNTD 1,2184:30 pm to 5:00 pm
(adjust depending on estimated sunset time)
Gaomei WetlandsCingshuei StationNTD 1,0567:00 pm to 7:30 pm

If you will check the table above Dani girl, the final drop-off point for this NTD 797 budget trip for 8 people is Qingshui Station. So you must still ride a local train back to TRA Taichung Station. For a more hassle-free travel back to downtown, you can opt to choose TRA Taichung Station as your final drop-off point, but that will increase the budget per person to 859.50 NTD. But I know, that you Dani girl as the CEO of Camila Sardines, you can afford to pay this amount of money. Haha!

Before I end this post, let me remind you of some things to be able to accomplish this NTD 797 per head Taichung budget challenge:

1. You have to book five times in the tripool web app for each drop-off point-pick-up point and you will have the pay the full amount first. For your convenience, collect the money from your friends before you book the trip on the online app.

Also, the Houli Flower Farm and Xinshe Castle require tickets before you can enter these tourist attractions, so don't forget to bring extra money.

2. If you choose to return to TRA Taichung Station from Gaomei Wetlands, then the budget per person will be ~NTD 860.

3. Book tripool taxi before 3:00 pm, at least one day before your trip.

4. You create your own itinerary with tripool taxi, so you can add or remove a tourist spot in Taichung based on your interest.

5. The tripool taxi fares I listed above are estimated prices and they can be higher or lower when you check them in the web app, depending if there is a sudden change of price or if you got some discount coupons.

And oh! Before I forget, you can bring your red luggage with you. Just ask the tripool taxi driver to put it at the boot/trunk of the car.

"Dani girl" refers to the main antagonist of a popular Filipino afternoon drama.


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