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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180219: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village - 2018 Sakura Series


A lush forest colored in pink awaits you in the heart of Taiwan.  It's a different kind of feeling as one rides a cable car and take a peek outside the windows of the flying machine.  You don't even need to have a drone to see this scenery.  Magical and at the same time marvelous,  a rosy cherry blossom world exists every spring in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (FACV). 

It's as if the gods and goddesses of Taiwan have blessed the theme park with good fortune in the form of the cherry blossoms.  Our deities stepped down from the sky and opened their hands to shower an invisible powder of infinite happiness.   When the particles fell on the ground, it became seeds that grew to become the gorgeous trees of the cherry blossoms that visitors in Nantou see today.

No amount of money or fame can match the feeling once you see a lot of yaesakura trees blooming at the same time.   You will definitely run with excitement and let yourself get lost in a forest where the trees bear no leaves but only the multi-petalled flowers of the yaesakura.

Friends, families and couples take photos together to preserve the memory of their visit.   An everlasting moment for a short period of stay on this theme park.  The sound of laughter in every thrilling ride fills the heart of every tourist in FACV with joy.  This makes the place a must-see attraction in the island of Taiwan.

How to get here?  The easiest way is to board the High Speed Rail to Taichung Station and transfer to the Taiwan Tour Bus Sun Moon Lake route.   At Shuishe Visitor Center, one can ride the ferry boat to Ita Thao pier and then take the cable car at Ita Thao Station to reach the theme park.  Another way is the ride the Round-the-lake bus at the Shuishe Visitor Center and get off the vehicle at the Ita Thao Station.    

Ticket prices vary and depend on the day of the visit.  On holidays, the price usually gets higher.  I got mine for NTD 850 which includes the roundtrip fare for the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.   Entrance tickets to the theme park can be bought directly at Ita Thao Station with separate booths for those who just want to ride the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway and back to the lake, or to those visitors who want to get inside FACV after getting off from the cable car.

The theme park is a big place and there are various ways to go around.  Visitors can walk, ride a bus or even board the cable car called the Skyline.  The last option will give you a bird's eye view of our sakura paradise.   Aside from the cherry blossoms and thrilling amusement rides, there are also tribal performances which feature the culture of Taiwan's aboriginal people.   So be there, once the amusement park opens its gate early in the morning.  A unique sakura world is waiting for you in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

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