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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180212: Broadwood Park]


The second wave of Taiwan’s cherry blossom season is already happening! I’m not kidding.  The sakuras are now everywhere.  You just have to know where they are.  In downtown Taipei, Broadwood Park is a hotspot to see the pink flowers of the mountain cherry.   Every year, its peak flowering happens around the first week of February and I went here again in Neihu to see their beauty for the third time.

Going here on a weekday was a nice decision.  There were fewer people as most residents in the city are still working in their offices while the kids are also attending their classes in their respective schools.   But go here during the Chinese New Year or the weekends and the whole park will be like a night market with a very large crowd!   

Seeing the cherry blossoms is still possible at night because lamps had been set up on the ground to illuminate the flowers.   I haven’t tried visiting here after 6:00 pm though I bet that the scenery would also be great.   The flowers will become the stars of the evening bringing you a different kind of a starry night experience.  

Just check the forecast of the Central Weather Bureau before hurrying to go here.  The rain could ruin your visit and make the grass area muddy.  The cold wind with some snow brought by the northeast monsoon made the weather much colder weather in Taipei.  This stimulated the earlier than expected opening of the mountain cherry.  Just when Pingjing St. Lane 42 was at its height of being a sakura viewing hotspot in late January and early February, the flowers in Broadwood Park silently opened its buds.

However, their early blossoming created a serious problem for the flowers.  They were exposed in the elements for a longer time forcing the petals of the mountain cherry to lose their freshness against the non-stop rainfall in Northern Taiwan.  

At the time of this writing, most of the flowers were no longer attractive much to the disappointment of the sakura fans.   Anyway, that’s life!  There are still a lot of cherry blossoms to see this springtime in Taiwan so there is no reason to cry.   Just smile and be happy this season of the 2018 Sakura Series.

How to get here:  Board the Taipei MRT to Donghu Station and walk towards the park:
GPS: 25.068121, 121.618807

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