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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180217: Wuling Farm (武陵農場)]


Wuling Farm.  The luomujie blog's top pick for cherry blossom in Taiwan is here again in the Sakura Series.  Having visited the place twice made it easier for me to invite past Travel Buddies who had been missing in action for years.  They were Robert and Sanjoy and the two were very excited to see the recreational farm for the first time. 

I have made a detailed post in 2016 on what to do and what to expect in Wuling Farm.  It fueled the interest of my readers especially Filipinos who are dying to see the beautiful flowers of the Wuling cherry.  A lot of them raised questions about how to get tickets.  Since I live here in my beloved Taiwan, it was easy for me to go to Taipei City Hall Bus Station and buy three tickets.   The price of NTD 730 was very cheap on Taiwanese standards which include the roundtrip fare to Wuling Farm from Taipei and its entrance fee.

Travel Buddy Robert (left) and Travel Buddy Sanjoy (right)

The technique that I have mentioned is only valid for those people who are living in Taiwan.  Those who need to enter Taiwan first will have to get tickets from travel agencies in which the ticket prices have been doubled.   Unless you know someone in Taipei, then your friend can buy you the NTD 730 cheap ticket before you arrive in this country.   

Visitors can also get the tickets in 7-eleven but I bet that you won't  like the travel dates that their kiosk would offer.    The freedom to choose the travel dates will always be at the designated ticketing centers like Taipei Bus Station, Taipei City Hall Bus Station, and Yilan Transfer Station.   The 6,000 daily visitor limit has been distributed well among bus companies and visitors must take advantage of the good weather when choosing the right date to see the farm.

February 17 was the perfect day to have the adventure.   The Central Weather Bureau's forecast on that day says that it would be sunny.   At 60-70% of blooming status, the flowers will look fresh under the blue sky.   A cold front was predicted to pass Taiwan after February 20 bringing rain and strong wind that can blow away the precious petals of the cherry blossoms so Feb. 17 was a very good choice.

My Travel Buddies and I did not have enough sleep just to be Taipei City Hall Bus Station early in the morning.  Our bus left Taipei at 6:15 am and traffic in the mountains delayed our arrival by 15 minutes.  The four-hour travel to the Wuling Farm was worth it, although I have observed some changes with regards to this year's festival.

The official visiting period of Feb. 16 to 25 was shorter compared to the previous editions.   Last year, the blossoming of the flowers was very early so the traffic restrictions in the farm happened at the start of February.  The recent snowfall around the dates of Feb. 4  or 5 caused a dilemma for sakura fans.   Many feared that the buds that are just starting to appear would die due to frostbite.  And they did!

As expected, the flowers were less compared to last year.   We can't do anything about that because everything is in the hands of the Taiwan gods.   Snow brings a bundle of joy to Taiwan but not to the cherry blossoms.   I am hopeful that next year Taiwan's top cherry blossom viewing spot will be beautiful again.   See you again Wuling Farm for another round of the Sakura Series next year.  

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