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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Taiwan Cherry Blossoms - 2018 Sakura Series [Travel in Taiwan Wow lineup 180213: Sunshine Sports Park (陽光運動公園) kawazu sakura (河津櫻)]


A ray of sunshine.  A breath of fresh air.  A new place has been discovered to see the kawazu cherry blossoms.   Sunshine Sports Park!  New Taipei's public park welcomes you to make a stroll during the sakura season.

Sunshine Sports Park

Adding more excitement to my visit in Xindian District is the fact that I haven't been to Xiaobitan where the park is located.   The place is accessible via the MRT Xiaobitan Station and visitors have to walk for two kilometers.  A bit tiring for those not used to walking “long” distances.

The MRT Xiaobitan Station functions as a depot of the trains of the Taipei MRT system.  Being a branch line, it is somewhat similar to the Xinbeitou Station although I noticed a big difference.  The MRT trains going to Xiaobitan Station run faster compared to the inch by inch movement of the Xinbeitou trains.   Haha! I don't the reason why.  

Stepping out of the MRT station is the wide floodplain of the Xindian River.  This body of water connects to the Tamsui River which then flows out into the East China Sea.  If you look at the Google Maps, this river seems to be an old one.  It has a winding path which tells a lot about its history in geological scales.   

Since there is a river separating Sunshine Sports Park and the MRT Xiaobitan Station, visitors will have to cross a bridge.  Their eyes will most likely get mesmerized by the Sunshine Bridge (陽光橋
).   Depending on how the viewer perceives the metallic structure,  it can look like a fish, a bird or even a crayfish.  It should not be missed when visiting Xiaobitan.

 The kawazu cherry blossoms can be found on the footpath in the park.   I have marked them in my Taiwan Sakura and Attractions Map to make searching for them easier.  The trees don't blossom at the same time so you would most likely see flowers with some leaves while others still have unopened buds.  Enjoy the flowers while they last.

Sunshine Sports Park (陽光運動公園)
Address: Anye Street, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 231
GPS: 24.976374, 121.520071

How to get here:  MRT Xiaobitan Station → walk along Huanhe Road → cross the Sunshine Bridge

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